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"This topic is so timely, coming out of the pandemic with the country’s renewed focus on mental health. Kimchi facilitated the group with humor, openness, and strong knowledge of the material. Everyone was welcome, and Kimchi met each of us where we were so that we got the most out of the experience. "

Mary E.
HR Manager

"The exercises in this course create added happiness & inspiration and subtract mental tendencies to worry, struggle and judge ourselves and others. This course opens our minds to notice opportunities and values instead of focusing on negativity, overwhelm, and things we feel we cannot control. "

Marilyn A
Avatar Master

"With a gentle yet strong approach to living inside a program created by Shirzad Chamine, the author of Positive Intelligence, Kimchi’s coaching inside her group sessions allows for authentic communication. The focus is on our saboteurs and the process of strengthening our inner Sage. It is transforming. I am personally grateful to have met her and participated in this program. "

Elisabeth S.
Artist & Hand Analyst

"Thank you, Kimchi, for giving me the gift of appreciation and presence. "

Amy T.
Director of Operation

"This is a course to have the (basic) foundation for practical leadership and for people who want to be in the management level. Kimchi is a good leader to work with. She is very professional and has in-depth knowledge of the materials she teaches. She was able to express the ideas that make people understand. I have learned that as a leader, we must set good examples even though they are not easy. There are certain aspects of my personality that I don’t like, but Kimchi pointed out those are my good traits; I only need to improve other parts that I’m weak at. I became more aware of my bad habits from the way I use my body language. There are many good tips from this training on how to run effective meetings, especially for non-profit organizations. "

Danny Hua
Futurewei Technologies, Director of Technology Strategy & Planning 2019 CASPA Chairman & President

"As a freshman in the semiconductor industry, I always found myself bewildered and confused at the workplace. Kimchi's training enlightened me with the precious experience that few people would share with newcomers in a company. One of the training modules is about how to make a request and assign tasks, which I found so helpful to me. I learned the word "WIIFM" which stands for "what’s in it for me". We all need to be in others’ shoes before we can motivate them or ask for their help. Another topic I like most is "Providing Feedback & Giving Rewards", in which I understood the 5 different "love languages" people appreciate and use to express thanks. I strongly recommend you take Kimchi's training to boost your connections with others. "

Dr. Ryan Chen
Intel, Device Engineer 2018 – 2020 CASPA Board of Volunteers

"Thank you, Kimchi, for giving me the gift of appreciation and presence. "

Amy T.
Director of Operation

"This training is very helpful for engineers who do not have many leadership skills. It contains a lot of knowledge/information which I did not know before. It is of great value to me, and the time spent on it is very rewarding. After I completed the training, I felt that I have more confidence in my career path and know how to establish better relationships in my life. Kimchi is very responsible and dedicated coach. She helps people become more powerful so they can achieve success. I felt her passion from this training, and I am motivated by her to be brave, confident, and dedicate to create harmony in my career and life. "

Dr. Sophia Yin
Omni Vision, Software Developer 2017 – 2019 CASPA Board of Directors

"Kimchi’s training is one of the most relevant and useful ones I’ve been to. Great for beginners who are learning leadership skills. Definitely practical and implementable tips and steps regardless of one’s role in the organization to improve a professional’s confidence and standing in their organization and gain greater visibility among peers and management for future promotion. Kimchi is a dynamic and experienced women leader who inspires me with her drive, knowledge, and advice. She is a great coach who can hold you accountable to help you learn more about yourself and achieve the next great milestone in your life. "

Avery Lu
ActionSpot Startup Studio, Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer & Managing Director of Investment 2019 – 2020 CASPA Board of Directors

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