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Life In A Flow State Using Emotional Freedom Technique

With Shalini Yamdagni

Published on: Jun 15, 2018

For someone at the peak of her life to be diagnosed with an illness that would confine her to the bed for the remainder of her life would be devastating. However, instead of taking that advice from her doctors, Shalini Joshi Yamdagni she went on a profound journey – and healed herself completely. Shalini is an international physical and emotional pain relief expert and a bestselling author. After a decade on this journey and as the founder of MagicalPainFreeLiving.com, Shalini has developed the Emotional Freedom Technique and has coached thousands of clients, including a few doctors, online across the globe helping break free from their pain and ease into peace and clarity. This new found ease and peace then enables the clients to return to a state of flow and attract more joy, fun and magic into their life.

Do you know that a high percentage of diseases are caused by stress and anxiety? The emotions that come with anger, fear, sad and disgust can manifest into cancer, high blood pressure, ulcer, etc. When you are aware of those emotional feelings, you have a better chance to heal yourself. You might not know that there are several healing modalities that you can use with your bare hands. One of those modalities is called EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique.

Our next guest, Shalini Joshi Yamdagni, will share with us her emotional and physical journey and her experience with EFT. Shalini is an international physical and emotional pain relief expert and a bestselling author. Eleven years ago, Shalini was diagnosed with an illness that her doctor ordered her to bed rest for the rest of her life. Instead of accepting the doctor’s order, she went on a profound journey and was able to heal herself completely. Shalini is the Founder of MagicalPainFreeLiving.com. She has coached thousands of clients online across the globe, helping them break free from pain and ease into peace and clarity. Shalini has been featured on international platforms, online shows and books, alongside with Marci Shimoff, Janet Attwood, Lisa Nichols, Mark Allen, Alex Mandossian, and many more. Here she is, Shalini Joshi Yamdagni.

Emotional Freedom Technique: Life In A Flow State with Shalini Yamdagni

Welcome, Shalini. I heard that you are born in India and then you moved to Thailand. Share with us what’s your life before when you were in India and now what your life is like in Thailand?

Thank you for having me here. I was in India when I was young, so I don’t recall much of India. Zero to five years of age, I was in India and I don’t have that many memories about India, especially when I was young. I moved to Thailand because my dad was posted in Thailand and so our family moved here. I’ve been in Thailand ever since I was six years old. I did go back and forth from India to Thailand because at the time, late ‘70s, there weren’t any good international schools in Thailand as there are now. My dad lived not in the capital city. He was a few hours away. He was in the old capital of Thailand, which is Ayutthaya. There were no big international schools there, no English-speaking schools there, so I had to go back to India to study and I was in a boarding school there. Even though my parents were based in Thailand, I went back and forth to India because I was in a boarding school. Then I graduated from high school from Thailand and I met my husband here in Thailand. We were classmates. I’m married here now and I have two beautiful children. I have a fifteen-year old daughter. I have a sixteen-year old son. I’m well set here even though my dad retired and he went back to India after 30 years. My parents are back in India and I’m very well-settled in Thailand. Thailand is home now.

How did you adjust the life between India and Thailand? Did you experience any cultural differences?

India is an Asian country and so is Thailand. Growing up, I don’t remember any significant cultural differences because Thailand is a Buddhist country. Our cultures, the way we treat our parents, even the religious festivals we celebrate are so similar to the Indian festivals. As a kid, I grew up celebrating both Indian and Thai festivals. Bangkok is such an international place that everybody celebrates the Indian festivals, the Thai festivals, Christmas and Halloween. We grew up celebrating everything and culturally, there was not that much difference between the Thai and the Indian culture except the language. There wasn’t a significant difference. You go into the temples in Thailand and India, it’s the same thing. You take off your shoes, you cover your head. There were so many similarities that you didn’t feel like a big cultural thing.

However, when I was studying in India and my boarding school and then I was studying in an international school here in Bangkok, Thailand, that’s when I noticed some differences because my school was an American international school and I felt like there were little biases between Western kids and Asian kids and brown skin and all of that stuff. For the first time, I experienced it in my life when I was a teenager. Other than that, there wasn’t any significant cultural or social clash as such or any significant experience that scarred or stood out.

Who was your role model growing up?

I didn’t have a role model growing up. My parents lived in Bangkok and I was mostly in India. As a kid, I always dreamed of being a singer and a dancer and I was highly influenced by the Bollywood movies. I had a natural talent for singing. I didn’t have a role model, but I admired the singers, whether Western singers or Indian singers. I just admired them. I didn’t have one of those mentors or some role model that I looked up to way later until I was a grownup adult with kids. I didn’t have a very strong influential somebody that I looked up to.

Who is your role model now?

It’s funny that we’re having this conversation because I filled in an application and I’m joining a program. I’m going to be mentored by two of my most favorite people on the planet. That is Joe Vitale. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Joe Vitale. Are you familiar with Joe Vitale?

He sounds familiar for me but I could not recall what his specialty is. 

I don’t know if you know the book called The Secret Prayer. He has written 77 other books, Zero Limits, The Attractor Factor and At ZeroThere are gazillion books he’s written. My other mentor is, you know him very well, Alex Mandossian. They have a program and I’m going to be mentored by both of them. They are my absolute favorite people, especially Joe Vitale. He went from being poor and homeless to now living the lifestyle of the rich and the famous but not just that. At 57, he’s written all these books. He’s sold his books to millions of people and at the age of 57, he says, “I love music. I love singing.” He goes out there and becomes a musician. He has fifteen albums, he’s a singer-song writer. There is no limit to what he’s been accomplishing. He does something called the Strongman Training. It’s like they go and bend iron nails through the power of their physical and mental strength.

He represents, to me, all possibilities. Everything is possible. You can be an amazing coach and amazing self-development guru, an amazing singer, and he’s even acted in movies. You’re exploring your full potential and that’s something that inspires me. At some point, I hope, that my dream of singing and dancing and all that stuff, I hope I can pursue it and exploit my potential, so that I can be more than just one area of expertise. Joe Vitale and Alex Mandossian definitely inspire me and are my role models. I like Alex because he’s such a great teacher. He has such a knack for teaching and I feel like I’m also born to teach in a different way. I modeled him in many different ways. These are my two-favorite people.

What is the ultimate goal that you have for this mentorship with these two? 

 I’m about to join them and this is their first ever program that they’re doing together. They have never done this together. I met Joe Vitale thanks Alex because Alex has this mastermind at Wizard Academy in Austin, Texas and Joe was also invited. That’s how I met Joe Vitale. They’re doing this program together for the first time and they’re still recruiting people. It’s called the Zero Limits Mastery. Zero Limits, is a book that was written by Joe Vitale. I read it ten years ago and Zero Limit is talking about when you are in that place, which is the zero state, that means no negative self-talk, no negative beliefs. When you deleted and released and let go all the negative stuff that holds you back and you’re in that zero state, you’re just in that space where you’re basically empty of all the negative self-talk and everything that’s holding you back, then you’re in this place of empty vacuum that the divine can flow through you. Then anything is possible.

Joe Vitale wrote a book called Anything is Possible and he was inspired to create this program because of it. It talks about seven steps to having anything possible for you, making the impossible possible. They have created a training around this. I’m very excited about it because ten years ago, I was inspired by that book, Zero Limits, and it inspired me to constantly clean myself and clear myself of the negative things that collect on a day-to-day basis. I daily clean myself mentally, emotionally. It started because of that book. When I heard about Zero Limits Mastery, I was very excited. I knew this was something I had to do. This was so me. It’s been a series of synchronistic events that have led up to signing up for this program. Joe Vitale was in Thailand and we met again, and he called me up on stage and then suddenly, I find out he’s doing this training. Then he’s doing this training with Alex. It was too many coincidences and too much synchronicity. I love the topic zero limits. I love the idea of being able to live from a place of being so clear that your intentions can manifest easily, and you allow the divine to flow through you and you work moment-to-moment inspired state of being. I love that. That’s where I’m headed with this training and I’m very excited about it.

Anything Is Possible: 7 Steps for Doing the Impossible

I’m happy for you that you are moving forward, and you know what you are looking for. What caused you to do this? You mentioned that you’re always looking for ways to clean yourself, to get rid of all the negatives. What happened in your life that you need to do that?

In 2007, I had been diagnosed with the disease. It was called costochondritis. It’s an inflammation of a ligament that connects the breastbone and the ribs. What happened was I went to a gym, I was having pain in my left rib area after I finished the gym and I thought, “I probably overdid the exercises, that’s why I have the pain.” I went to the doc because that’s what I was used to doing all my life up to that point, just go to the doctors and get medicines for whatever it is, cough, cold. This was another pain, so I went to the doctor, got a medicine, they said, “You have costochondritis. Just take these medicines and it will go away in a week.”

I took the medicines for the week but nothing changed. I went back to them and they said, “It takes longer sometimes, so take it for a longer period of time this time.” I took it for two, three weeks, came back, nothing changed. In fact, I noticed that the pain that started in my left rib area, very specifically a small area, I felt the patch had increased and I was having more pain in my left rib area. Over time as I went back and forth to the hospital with different medications and that wasn’t working, so I changed the doctors and then I got different set of medications.

What happened was the saga continued month after month. Then I was recommended physiotherapy, ultrasound therapy, hot packs, and cold packs. What was happening is as I was doing all these treatments, my pain just spread all over my left rib, right rib, back, neck, shoulders, so that eventually, I couldn’t even turn back without a lot of pain. They gave me a rib support and a neck support. It was horrible. It was painful and my kids, back then were five and six years of age. I was in so much chronic pain because of that disease that I had to quit my job and eventually, no matter what they did, nothing changed. They told me to be on bed rest and they suggested that the last option would be surgery. They said there was zero guarantee that anything will change even after the surgery. Here I am on bed rest eleven years ago with the rib belt, with neck belt, hot packs, and cold packs and still trying the medicines even though nothing was changing, but I didn’t know what else to do. I thought if these experts can’t help me then, then what do I do?

That means I’m stuck with this forever. As a mother, it was frustrating because I couldn’t take my kids to school. They were four and five years old. I couldn’t drive them. I couldn’t be a normal mom to my kids. It was the most painful feeling. Because I was on the bed most of the time, my daughter was playing on the bed next to me. She was just five years old and she was doing somersaults. She landed at a weird angle and broke her left elbow bone and she’s crying in pain. I couldn’t take her to the hospital. Luckily, I had family just close by and they took her to the hospital. I was in a very desperate place and nothing I was trying was working until I attended a seminar of self-awareness seminar. The guy was saying at the seminar, the host, that you create your life with your thoughts, you create your disease with your thoughts and, and stuff like that along those lines. I thought, “How dare he say that? How dare you. I’ve been trying to help myself and you’re saying, and I’ve done this to myself, that I’ve created all this disease and pain? Why would anybody do that? I’m a mother,” and all these thoughts going on in my head.

The fact is that I was so desperate and whatever I was trying wasn’t working. I said, “I’m going to listen to what the heck this guy has to say.” At the end of the seminar, I went up to him and I said, ” I’m in a lot of physical pain and I have this disease. What do you suggest I do?” He said, “Why don’t you try EFT for your pain?” I said, “What is EFT?” He said, “It’s Emotional Freedom Techniques.” He gave me the website back then. This was 2007 and there was only one EFT website. Now, there are thousands probably but it was called EmoFree.com. He didn’t teach EFT, he didn’t teach this tool, but he had heard wonderful things about it.

When I went back home, I Googled this information and sure enough, they had this 80-page downloadable manual. It was talking about acupuncture and all these acupuncture points and how you can tap with your fingers as you tune into what’s stressing you out. It all sounded weird and crazy and I’m thinking like “Just tapping my fingers on different points in my body and saying things that are bothering me is going to take away my chronic pain?”

I didn’t believe it, but I started to try it as best as I understood it. Even the first two times that I tried it, I was so shocked because I noticed, or I thought I imagined it, that the pain in my neck felt less, the intensity. I tried it over and over again and sure enough, within minutes I saw a difference in the intensity of my pain levels. It wasn’t gone. It just felt less intense, less stiff. There would be days I will be popping so many pills and nothing would change. Here’s this weird, crazy tool that I don’t even know enough about and I’m trying it and something shifting. I was so excited, and I ordered all the DVDs that they had and I started applying this tool which is emotional freedom techniques. It’s clearing out old emotional baggage and stress.

I found that as I cleared emotional stuff that had been bothering me, I noticed significant reductions in my pain levels. I was fascinated. All these things that bother me, that stressed me, that anger me, that made me feel guilty and resentful and ashamed, all those negative feelings that we go through, as I cleared them, the pain levels went significantly down. Since I kept getting this progress these results, I kept at it. It was about two months of applying this technique, watching those videos that I had ordered and twisting it and tweaking it to apply to myself, I was completely free of my disease, costochondritis.

I was completely free of every single pain in my body. I was in awe and I was shocked. Not only had I healed myself physically, emotionally, but I also discovered my purpose. It was like I discovered while I was reading what I was meant to do and it was very exciting. That was the beginning of this healing journey because I recognize that our emotions, our thoughts are negative self-talk, and negative beliefs, they play such a significant part in our lives and we hold onto so much emotional baggage and we don’t even know we are carrying it. If you met me back then in 2007, you’d think, “She’s a happy-go-lucky girl.” I married my high school sweetheart. I have two beautiful kids. On the surface, everything looked fine, but inside nothing felt fine. Physically I was in so much pain. We don’t recognize all the emotional hurts and past baggage that we carry with us. Once I discovered that and became aware, even though I had healed myself, I didn’t stop cleaning. I kept cleaning myself.

One fine day I discovered this book Zero Limits because of the other book. First, I discovered The Secret in which I heard about Joe Vitale. Then later, I heard about his Zero Limits and about constantly clearing for constant contact with the divine. It’s like a hymn that I had learned in my boarding school, which went, “Make me a channel of your peace.” It’s like becoming a clear channel so God can flow through you, so inspiration can flow through you, so that you can stay connected with that inner being with God. The first experience of cleaning began to clear away the physical pain. Then I realized that it’s not just about the pain, it’s about being constantly clear so that you can hear God’s voice, so that you can listen to God’s inspiration and have moment-to-moment guidance. That’s where all the cleaning inspiration came from.

I am curious because I experienced the same thing as you did. On the surface, people will say, “She’s lucky. She has everything. She has the looks. She has a family. She should be happy with her life,” but underneath it, there is something that’s going on. Would you mind sharing with us what was going on underneath it? What caused this turmoil inside you that manifests into this disease?

Back in 2007 when this disease started, even before the disease started, for a while, I had been feeling uncomfortable. I was at the job for five years, but I was at a job and even though I had become good at that job, to me, it felt meaningless. I was not inspired. I was feeling stagnant. I was looking for something else. Because I wasn’t finding anything else, I just stayed stuck there. My bachelor’s was in psychology, my masters was in social work, I’ve lived in a boarding school most of my life, and so I’m a very people person, but that job was a very desk job. It was about creating a training, so I wasn’t interacting with people. I was just creating trainings for people. I felt like I’m in the wrong place. Initially, I was enjoying it because I was learning new things. After five years, I was suffocating and I felt like I couldn’t breathe, but that job offered me the flexibility to be go home at 2:00 PM, go pick up my kids, bring them home, and then work from home. It offered me that flexibility.

There was a part of me when I would feel agitated and frustrated and angry and just suffocating, I would say, “Stop it Shalini. You can’t have it all. Be happy. You married your high school sweetheart. You have great kids. You have family support here in Thailand. What the heck are you complaining about?” I stayed stuck in that job because I believed you can’t have it all and just be grateful for what you have. Look at others. They are even worse than you. That’s what I would say to myself. I stuck at it and I stuck at it and I stuck at it. One fine day, I had pain in my body. I had been feeling a sense of frustration and discomfort moving about my life in a very robotic way. I’m doing the things that need to be done, but I felt disconnected with myself, with my life, in my relationships, in my work. I thought I have to live with this. Everybody’s going through stress. Everybody I looked around was stressed and I thought, “You just have to get on with it and just live with this.” That was the frustration.

One fine day, I experienced this physical pain, but long before this physical pain started, it was almost a year long process of just feeling frustrated and angry and jealous of people who are moving ahead of me or my friends would reach in different places. The other thing that was going on because of this job, unhappiness, and not feeling satisfied or not feeling like I was doing something meaningful with my life, I felt like I was just drifting away aimlessly at a job that I didn’t like, didn’t inspire me. At the same time. my husband had started his own business and so he was busy. He was traveling a lot, so I would end up pouring all my frustration on him. That was creating so much family tension. It was one of the worst years in our relationship even though we were high school sweethearts and married. That was one of the most testing years in our relationship because of all this stress that I was in. Then I would go and pour my stress and frustrations on my poor kids who were just five and six years old. Then I would feel so bad that I’ve been such a bad mother and feel like a monster and like, “You are so bad.”

Emotional Freedom Technique: Don’t forget you. Don’t put yourself last on the ladder. Self-care is important and it begins with you taking care of yourself first.

There was that dynamics going on in my life on the whole front. On the professional front, it was just completely disaster. I was unhappy and socially too. I wasn’t going out. I was unhappy and so it was a big mess. One fine day, my body couldn’t handle this tension anymore inside and I had physical pain. When I was clearing and cleaning, it was all that stuff. I was feeling guilty, I was feeling guilt for being such monster of a mother. Then later feeling bad because of the disease I was stuck. Now, I couldn’t even do the other things that I was doing for my kid. There was this whole emotional forest, like an emotional jungle way before I even had the disease. That is what was creating all the disease within. Eleven years, as I look back, I’m an international physical and emotional pain relief expert and when I look back, I could see all the pain that I was holding onto inside of me that was eventually manifesting outside of me.

When I give talks, I always say that pain is simply a message. Disease is simply a message from your body. It’s not something about what’s going on physically outside of you. It’s what’s going on emotionally inside of you. If you keep ignoring it and dismissing it and hiding it under the carpet, it doesn’t go away. It’s lying around and over time, it will show up in a new, strong way. That is what’s going on inside of me. After helping thousands of people, I have been on this journey for eleven years, that is what’s going on underneath the diseases and the physical, chronic aches and pains that we have. That was what was going on in my life.

Why do you think EFT worked?

Like many people who are new to EFT, eleven years ago, I thought, “You’ve got to be kidding me. What does emotions got to do with physical pain? I have this technical thing going on with my ligaments and my ribs. What’s the emotion got to do with it? There’s a physical thing there, there’s a structural thing there.” What I’ve understood is that emotions are simply energy in motion. You read Einstein said, “Everything is energy,” and we are more vibrational energetic beam than we realize. Think about waves, the water, and the waves. Emotions are like waves and it’s like energy. It needs to keep flowing and as long as energy’s flowing in us, through us, everything is okay.

I live in Bangkok, Thailand and we have traffic jams all the time. Think of your energy body and think of energy like a complex network of roads. If there is a jam in your system, if there is a traffic jam, then the flow isn’t great. Emotions are energy in motion and if we have bottled emotions, if we have had experiences, when you don’t allow those emotions to flow freely and you bottle them up, they create stuck energy. Over time, imagine a newborn child and is going through his childhood and interactions and dynamics in the family with the siblings, fights and school and teachers and grades and girlfriends and boyfriends and becoming an adult. You imagine the whole landscape of life that we go through and we have so many things that bother us, upset us. Overtime, your system is overloaded, and it depletes your immunity. It weighs down on your nervous system and all the different systems in your body. Eventually, it depletes your immunity and creates all sorts of pains and aches and disease.

Emotional freedom technique is a very simple technique. It is what it says. It’s emotional freedom. When you are able to release those stuck, stored, bottled emotion from your system and free them and release them and clear them, then it’s like the traffic jam cleared up and now the energy’s flowing and the body can return to its normal state of flow. It’s normal state of balance. I’m from the thinking that every cell in your body is divine intelligence. It’s divine consciousness. We don’t have to pay attention to, “Are my other cells in my liver working today? Is my baby being produced in the right way, or do I need to interfere with the functioning on my kidneys?” We don’t care. It’s being controlled and it has been set up by the divine and it does its thing beautifully. The only time when something goes wrong is when we interfere with it in some way. That creates this disturbance, this dis-ease. Eventually the body has no other way to communicate with us, but through the symptoms, through the aches, through the pains, and it lets us know that something needs looking into.

Something that we’ve been avoiding. Something that is important, needs attention and that’s the way our bodies communicate with us. Like me eleven years ago, we don’t think of it that way. We haven’t been taught. If you have been taught that, then you’re way fortunate to have that understanding at an earlier age, but most of us don’t. You just keep going for medications and all things, which are temporary fixes, but they’re not addressing the root cause of the dis-ease and the pain. EFT helps you clear out those underlying root issues, underlying bottled emotions. Once that’s freed up, then you are in a state of flow again. Then you’re in your natural state of balance again. EFT can be thought of as a psychological, modern psychology meets ancient acupuncture because you’re also stimulating the energy meridian points as you think about these feelings of hurt and anger and guilt and shame.

Then you’re tapping on these key acupuncture points. It clears up the energy, it clears up the static in your system as you stimulate the energy meridians with your hands. You’re also tuning in to what’s upsetting you because that’s what’s giving you the static and that’s what needs to be cleared. If you just go to an acupuncture session, then they’ll stick needles at different acupuncture points, stimulate a current and you will get some relief because it clears up certain blocks. I’m one of the people, and I know there are many hundreds and hundreds of people who go to acupuncture and you know, they feel better and after a while it’s back again because we didn’t address the root and the root is emotions.

For me, I had done fifteen sessions of acupuncture, but nothing changed significantly because I didn’t get rid of the anger and the hurt and the resentment and the, and the sadness and the frustration that didn’t get cleared with the acupuncture. I was still in pain despite all these other treatments. That’s why I love EFT. It helps you clear out the root emotions. The thing is, it’s easy to do. My kids have been doing it since they have a five and six ever since I discovered it. I’ve been helping my kids with all sorts of issues using that and it’s a very easy tool. It’s very easy to do anytime, anywhere and you’ll get instant results. My kids have been using it. It’s a people’s tool. It’s a tool that brings in the lasting relief. It’s not a quick fix, but you have to know how to use it effectively.

What are your top three advices for Asian women?

Whether it’s Asian women or women in general, one of the things that I find, especially in Asian, I live in Thailand, I have friends in all the neighboring countries, one of the things I find mothers do is we have this tendency to put everyone, everything else ahead of us. We want to take care of our children first, we want to take care of everybody in our family for us, and we put ourselves last. I was one of them too. What I’ve learned over the years, it’s something that I’ve heard again and again over so many years because I’ve been traveling back and forth from Bangkok to India, even since I was six, seven years old going to boarding school is in the airplane, when there is a drop in pressure, the mothers should first put their mask on themselves before they attend to the children. This is one of the most important things that I’ve learned. When you take care of yourself, mothers, women, if you take care of yourself, it is not a selfish thing. If your cup is not full, then what you give is not 100%. If your cup is full and you feel good and you feel happy and you feel taken care of, then when you give, it’s from a whole different energetic place. It’s from a different vibe.

Don’t forget you. Don’t put yourself last on the ladder. That’s one thing. Self-care is important, and it begins with you taking care of yourself first. That would be one of my number one tip. Number two is we need to understand. I’m a physical and emotional pain relief expert and our health is a big thing for me, I believe that all of us Asian women and women across no matter what culture you are, is that you want to have a good relationship with your body. I’ve seen my mentors, even Alex, when they have to say something, they’re not so concerned about like, “How am I looking?” We are so conscious of our body image and we have so many things we all find to criticize about ourselves and we don’t have a good relationship with our body.

Pay more attention, treat your body as a friend. Your body is your friend, your most loyal friend for life. Imagine if you always rejected your body. I have so many clients who go through this body shame thing and it creates all kinds of illnesses and diseases too. We tend to criticize different parts of our body, but if you think of your body as your friend or even as a little you, if I thought of my body as little Shalini, I would not criticize my little girl. I would encourage it. I would appreciate it. I would say nice things to it. Then we could have a great relationship, so nurture that relationship with you and your body and appreciate you more and love more and be kind to it more.

Number three is that your physical pain or your physical disease, no matter what’s going on with you, you go ahead and get the medicine, go ahead and have the treatments, but remember that you are a divine being and your body knows how to function. If you have physical aches and pains and if you have diseases going on, ask yourself, “In which area of my life am I feeling pain? Which area of my life feels at dis-ease? Is it relationships? Is it my work?” Like me, I was so unhappy. “Is it my relationship with my children? Where am I feeling dis-ease in my life? What is the pain that is in my life that I’m not attending to?” Those would be the three key tips and once you start to do that and consciously develop a relationship with the symptoms that you’re having, “What is my body trying to indicate to me,” and having been kinder to your body and being kinder to yourself, it changes the way your life moves forward and the way you move forward in life.

Emotional Freedom Technique: Our emotions, our thoughts, our negative self-talk and negative beliefs, they play such a significant part in our lives.

If our audience want to get in touch with you, where do they go? I heard that you have a gift for our audience.

My website is www.MagicalPainFreeLiving.com. The free gift is a free report on four secrets to freeing yourself from pain. In the report, you will learn about the four mistakes that most people in chronic pain are making and the four secrets so that you can begin that journey to lasting relief. That free report will give them awareness and clarity of the mistakes they may be making and redirect themselves so they can be on the path to lasting relief.

Thank you for your generosity.

You’re most welcome. I’m very honored to be here and to be sharing with your, with your audience. I hope they got something. I enjoyed being here and having this conversation with you.

Thank you. I hope you got some insights about the emotional and physical connections and start paying attention to your feelings and body’s discomfort. For me, I can see that for every itchiness, rashes, itching or burning in my body, there’s always a correlation between an emotion and incident or a person. If I don’t want to carry that baggage around or allow it to get stuck and become a disease, I would need to forgive that person and forgive myself immediately. The way I do it is by asking for forgiveness and giving forgiveness silently or writing it in my journal. What practice do you use to forgive someone and yourself? I’d like to hear from you. Until then, live life loud. 

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About Shalini Yamdagni

Shalini Joshi Yamdagni is an International Physical & Emotional Pain Relief Expert and a bestselling author. Shalini was diagnosed with an illness and was in chronic pain for months. After doctors prescribed bed rest for the remainder of her life, she went on a profound journey – and healed herself completely.
After a decade on this journey, and as the founder of MagicalPainFreeLiving.com, Shalini has coached thousands of clients, including a few doctors, online across the globe helping break free from their pain and ease into peace and clarity. This new found ease and peace then enables the clients to return to a ‘state of flow’ and attract more joy, fun and magic into their life.
As a thought leader on topics of health and wellness and self development, she has been been featured in international platforms, online shows, and books alongside Marci Shimoff, Janet Attwood, Lisa Nichols, Marc Allen, Alex Mandossian and many more.
Shalini’s goal is to create awareness and to empower people all over the world to consciously take charge of their own health and wellbeing and live the life they truly want.

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Facebook Business PAge Link: https://www.facebook.com/MagicalPainFreeLivingWithShalini/
Facebook PersonalPage: https://www.facebook.com/shalini.j.yamdagni
Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shalini-joshi-yamdagni-041b116/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShaliniYamdagni

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