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From Bankruptcy to Financial Abundance

Healing the Asian's Shame With Jenny Thao Ngo

Published on: Sep 21, 2018

Underneath a lot of Asians finding themselves in America want to have the American dream. Jenny Thao Ngo was one of those and she took the path of most people would do: make good grades in school, go to college, have a good job, then life would be right and happy. Jenny quickly realized that wasn’t the case for her. In college, she started looking into starting a business because she wanted to have the shot at the American dream. Most importantly, it was to have financial resources to also help support her parents. Many business opportunities came to her, at least five businesses in different areas, but she just couldn’t make it work. With the loss of investment in starting up these businesses, she got into a lot of debt and had to file for bankruptcy. Jenny had to deal with a lot of embarrassment and the shame that came with it. After finally taking it as an opportunity for her to start over again and to have a clean slate, she’s doubled her highest-level paying income as a transformational healing coach. Jenny shares her story from bankruptcy to financial abundance, and shares her insights on how it can be possible for us to move through our challenges.

Healing The Asian’s Shame: From Bankruptcy To Financial Abundance with Jenny Thao Ngo

Life is unpredictable and it can often feel impossible to find a balance between what you want and what you have. Perhaps you are feeling trapped or constrained because of your cultural boundaries. Whatever the case, I’m glad you’re here with me. Our guests on Asian Women of Power all have similar backgrounds and traits like me. They have found a way to create a life, which gives them the freedom, power, and choice to be who they want to be while still respecting their culture. Our guest is no different.

Jenny Thao Ngo is a transformational healer, coach and intuitive. She has been featured on global telesummits like You Wealth Revolution and From Heartache to Joy. She has a unique multidimensional healing process that allows her clients to remember their divine essence, connect to their inner knowing, and free them from limiting themselves in wounds of the past. I am excited to learn more about her secrets. Please help me welcome, Jenny Thao Ngo. Welcome, Jenny. I’m happy that you are here. Take us back to the time before you came to America. What was your life like in Vietnam?

Thank you so much for having me on the show. It’s nice to be here with your audience and to have this special platform to share with other Asians, especially Asian women of power. One of my favorite movies growing up when I came to America was The Little House on the Prairie because it reminded me so much of my childhood. Watching that movie brings me back to the time when I lived in Vietnam. I grew up in the countryside of Vietnam. At that time, we have a house that was made of mud and straws and we didn’t have electricity, indoor plumbing or running water. I remember having to go to the neighborhood well nearby to fetch water. We washed clothes the old-fashioned way with our hands. I remember going to gather dry wood to cook in a self-made stove with three stacks of bricks. We didn’t have a watch and we tell time based on the shadow of the sun. I have about three pairs of clothes and that’s it.

I will go to school for a half day and when I come home, I’ll switch with my brother who would then go to school. I would take over the chores at home by taking care of the herd of cows and buffalos that we had. My parents worked hard on the farm from dawn to dusk. I didn’t have any resources like tutoring or extra support, so I did pretty bad in school. My teachers were spanking me literally almost every day because I didn’t know the school work. Whatever I got in school, that’s what I got. I flunked every grade. I luckily passed when I went to summer school.

Even if this was the case, it was a bittersweet moment where I know we didn’t have a lot and I remember not having leftovers. You have to eat and if you don’t eat, then there’s no more food afterwards. I don’t remember not having food to eat on most days, but I do remember this one incident where I was so hungry. There was nothing else to eat anywhere, there was no guava or ripe mangoes or ripe bananas. I saw a bunch of green baby bananas and it was so bitter. I tried to eat it, but I couldn’t eat because it was so yucky. I remember stealing my neighbor’s sugar cane to eat it. I got caught by my father and I got spanked pretty badly. At that time, I didn’t know what I was doing, I guess I was hungry or I wanted some sweet stuff.

On the other side of the coin, I remember growing up in poverty helped me become self-reliant. Whatever toys that we needed to make, we made it. We couldn’t afford to buy things. For example, if I wanted a marble, I would go to the railroad track, get a rock, and keep grinding away until I get a round marble. If I wanted to make a set of pots or animal set, I would go to the stream, pick up some fresh clay, and then make these toys.

It sounds very tough, but it’s also sweet because you were so innocent. You were exposed to a lot of nature because you could tell time by the shadow of the sun. The reason you were not doing well in school was that you did not have time to study at all. When you came home from school, you had to help out with the family chores by taking care of those buffalos. By the time your shift ends, the sun is already down and you cannot see any more, therefore, you cannot study. That’s the reason you didn’t do well in school when you were in Vietnam. 

Now that I have children of my own, I have a six-year-old daughter and a three-year-old boy, it requires a lot of tutoring and extra help for her to even learn her alphabet and remember her numbers. Just the basic stuff that we take for granted, we need extra help. I didn’t have that. I thought there was something wrong with me, “Why was I so dumb and why couldn’t I do well in school?” Knowing better now.

It’s because you did not have an opportunity, not because of your mental ability. The environment that you grew up in did not give you that opportunity to learn. When did you come to America and how did you come here? 

I came over to America when I was ten years old and that was in 1989. We moved to North Carolina on the East Coast of the USA. We came over this program called the Homecoming of the American Children. My parents adopted my oldest brother. He’s half American and half Vietnamese, so he’s considered Amerasian mixed. Our family has a total of seven people, my parents, and the five of us. I have four brothers and I’m in the middle.

Was your half-brother the eldest one in the family? 

Yes. My parents told me that they just got married and they had my older brother. When they came to visit one of my aunts, they said, “This orphan kid needs a nice home.” This was in the early years, maybe it was after 1975, the downfall of Vietnam. A lot of people were poor and there was not enough food to go around. Thinking about adopting another mouth to feed was hard. My parents knew that at least they have food they can provide. They went ahead and adopted him. His mom gave him to one of her best friends to take care of her three kids. Actually, he has two other siblings. My parents had to go through this process of asking permission from his spirit mom who has passed away to see if they can adopt him and somehow that happened. Growing up, I knew him as my brother. I didn’t even think he was different from me. I either didn’t know any better or what, but he’s always been part of my family.

You didn’t notice any difference, but what about him? Did he notice anything different when he grew up like, “I look different than you?”

Probably in his late teens, that’s when he hangs around with other people. I remember him mentioning as a teenager that he was bullied and picked on at school. There was this song that was saying like mixed people have ten ears or eyes or something like an alien.

Was that in Vietnam or in here?

That was in Vietnam. The other kids noticed that he’s different and they made fun of him for being different. Because of that, he didn’t like school. He would go to school but then would skip school as a result.

You came here with four other siblings. How were your siblings doing in school when they came here? 

When we came here, we had to learn English from scratch. We didn’t know any English at all. We went two or three years in ESL, English as a second language, and got acclimated to the culture and learn the foundation of the language like the alphabet. I did well in school when I came to America. I remember sitting on a plane and coming to America. I had no clue where America was. My parents just took a leap of faith at that time. We went to a country we didn’t know and we didn’t have any connection. We heard some stories like there were so many things in America. It’s almost Columbus’ time, you may or may not make it.

In case we didn’t make it, we can go to another place. I remember sitting on the plane, reviewing my past and how I did bad in school, there was an inner guidance that took over me and said, “Jenny, you can start over. No one has to know your past. No one has to know that you were dumb and you were poor in school.” That was that moment that I decided, “I’m going to start over and have a clean slate.” Ever since then, after two years of ESL classes, I made straight A’s all the way up to high school. I even made 4.0, 4.2 GPA. In addition to that, I attended extracurricular activities like sports, soccer, volleyball, and other sports while taking advanced placement courses and making above 4.0 GPA. I did well in school because of my determination. It’s not because I’m smart, but I was determined to do well.


Financial Abundance: I thought there was something wrong with me. Why was I so dumb and why couldn’t I do well in school?

I remember in class there was this motto that said, “I will is better than IQ.” I know that I’m not the smartest kid in the classroom, but I know if I put my mind to it, I can do it. I really did well in school. I went to college and also got my Master’s. I was the first person in my entire family to get a college degree. My oldest brother who’s adopted came here when he was around sixteen. It was hard for him to learn a lot. He graduated from high school, but he didn’t go to college. My older brother went to college and got his four years in engineering. He has a great engineering job right now. My other brother also got a college degree and my youngest brother got a pharmacy degree. All of us went to college, but I was the first one because my older brother took a while to go to school. He took his time in community college. He took longer to go to school. All of us, thankfully, was able to have at least a bachelor degree.


Thank you. I know my parents were proud of all of us.

What inspired you to become a nurse?

Growing up, I’ve always been compassionate, caring and giving. That was my nature, it was like who I am. I remember this incident when I was still living in Vietnam, I must have been around eight years old. We normally walked to school and one day, they were planting sweet potatoes in the schoolyard and they were harvesting it. We noticed that there were some leftovers. Somehow, we came over to school after everybody was gone. We tried to dig up the sweet potatoes ourselves. We wanted some sweet potatoes, we must be hungry or whatever.

My oldest brother, at that time, had an accident, axing my younger brother. There was a lot of blood squirting out everywhere and he must have hit a big artery. It’s was a big, lengthwise, up and down his foot. It was scary and I didn’t know what to do but thank God there was a clinic about two minutes from the schoolyard. I ran over there and there happened to be a nurse on duty. I grabbed her and she came and saved my brother’s life. If it went on any further, he could have lost a lot of blood and died that day. I wanted to help people because of that. With my personality of being caring and compassionate, it was natural for me to be a nurse. At that time, I was talking to my dad and he said, “That’s a great career for a lady to be a nurse.” I considered other career choices, but that was what I decided to go with.

What did you consider besides being a nurse? 

At that time, I considered being a doctor and being a lawyer. I went to a pretty smart college. I remember taking organic chemistry or chemistry classes and I felt that maybe I’m not good enough to be a doctor. I went there for a pre-med major and then I changed it to nursing because I was like, “These people are so smart. I don’t know if I can be a doctor.” Looking back, I’m glad I made that decision. It’s my personal choice, I’m glad I didn’t become a doctor.

You worked as a nurse for more than ten years. What was the incident that made you change your career from a nurse to becoming an intuitive healer? 

I worked as a nurse and a nurse midwife because I went to get my Master’s. That was a combined total of twelve years. I had this high-paying and rewarding career as a nurse midwife or nurse practitioner. Basically, we can write prescriptions and help diagnose. It’s a job that many people would dream of having, one with security and the ability to help people and save people’s lives. Even I had helped diagnosed several cases of cancer and I also had the joy of delivering a few hundred babies in the hospital.

I couldn’t shake the feeling there was something missing. There was this growing sense of unfulfillment and unease that led me to dive into personal and spiritual growth in my mid-twenties. The more I became spiritual, I felt that there was something missing in my life. I felt unfulfilled in my professional career. I realized I was just treating my patients’ symptoms and not the root causes of them. I no longer felt that was making a real difference. Even though I make a difference, but I didn’t feel that I was making an impact. There was a deep yearning within me to make a bigger impact, but I didn’t have any clue what that was. I even asked myself, “Am I going crazy? Why do I struggle with this feeling of confusion and being unclear about what my next step is?” I even wondered, “What is my true purpose?”

At the same time, there was this knowing that there was something big or great on the horizon for me. I didn’t know exactly what it was so I prayed and asked God, source, universe, “Please give me a very big sign. Make sure it’s big,” because I was afraid I will miss it. I felt like I didn’t have any intuition. I was so blocked at that time and lo behold, one or two weeks later, I was unexpectedly let go from my job. At that time, I was about eight months pregnant with my second child and I was the main breadwinner for the family. In my eighth month of pregnancy, I was seriously considering finding another job like this or if I should start doing what I feel like I need to do to be happier. That’s when I had a spiritual mentor that guided and supported me in finding my passion and purpose.

After serious soul searching and a lot of healing, for the first time in my entire life, I knew for certain that my true calling was to become a healer and to support other people heal in this deep way. Since that epiphany day, I no longer felt empty, unfulfilled, lost or confused. I feel like I’m sailing in this ocean of meaning and purpose instead of being lost in the sea of life. That’s why I’m so committed to supporting people to unlock that potential and to work through whatever’s in the way, so they can have this life that we know can be possible. For us to have the courage to live our life on purpose and our dreams.

How long did it take you to realize that from being a very logical and practical person with the nursing career to becoming an intuitive healer? 

It was a few years before this. If you told me about it, I would think you’re going crazy. I thought I was going crazy, but there was a big part of me that knew. There were glimpses of seeing the opportunities or seeing what’s possible or the guidance coming through. Then it was much quicker, from the time I felt unfulfilled, not knowing what my true purpose was. I have other colleagues, nurses and midwives saying, “I know my true calling is to be a nurse or a midwife.” I wish I could have said that. It was over an accumulation of years, but it quickened when I aligned to it. In about three months of letting go of my job, that kicked me in the butt to say, “Go out there. You have the courage to do what you are here to do.” With the guidance, it took me about three months to get on track moving towards the direction of being a healer and to journey to where I am today.

Can anyone learn to become an intuitive healer? 

Anyone can learn to become an intuitive healer. It’s just that one needs to be open and willing to receive. Some of us are more blocked than others, so we need some more guidance, extra support, clearing and healing for us to even be able to receive it. All of us have this capacity to learn. Just like the story where I couldn’t do well in school because I didn’t have the support and guidance, but I did well in school over here because I had that. It’s the same thing. Sometimes, if we don’t know something, we think that we can’t do it, but if we have the proper support and guidance, we can. However, every one of us is different. Some of us have more aptitude. I feel that the better healer you are is how good your ability is to get out of the way. The universe support can guide, conduct and facilitate the healing instead of me trying to do it. I can’t do this by myself, but with my experiences and the connection to the divine or to the higher power, that’s how it makes you a good healer.

Financial Abundance: There was a deep yearning within me to make a bigger impact, but I didn’t have any clue what that was.

You had experienced financial difficulty living in America. Would you mind sharing that? 

I took the path which most Asian people or most people would do. You make good grades in school, go to college and then have a good job, then your life is made and you’ll be happy. I quickly realized that wasn’t the case for me. In college, as I was going from undergraduate, I started looking into business because I wanted to have the shot at the American dream. It was having the opportunity to travel, doing the things that I like, and buying things that I like. Most importantly, it was to have financial resources to also help support my parents.

That’s underneath that drive for me and wanting to have the American dream. Many business opportunities came to me, but I just couldn’t make it work. I tried at least five businesses in different areas like multilevel marketing, travel agency, financial advisor, it didn’t work out for me. With the loss of income or the loss of investment in starting up these businesses, I got into a lot of debt. I had to file for bankruptcy and this was quite embarrassing considering where I was. I had to deal with this and a lot of shame came from it, in addition to embarrassment and guilt. Since I graduated from my Master’s degree, I was making pretty good money. I made three times as much money as my parents combined.

They worked almost minimum wages and I made three times the income. Here I am, still living paycheck-to-paycheck and getting more and more into credit card debts because I was using a credit card to pay the next bill, and not being able to pay and get more debt. I had to file for bankruptcy. I didn’t take it lightly. A lot of people think, “You just have bankruptcy,” but I went through it in a way putting the pros and cons. What are the pros and some cons to it? I decided to take that leap of faith that maybe this is the opportunity for me to start over again and to have a clean slate. That’s what I did. Since doing the work that I do now as a transformation healing coach, I doubled my highest-level paying income when I worked in a medical field. It’s knowing that it can be possible for us to move through our challenges, even moving through the shame of us having financial challenges, filing bankruptcy, and any other shame we might have. I did have some other shame too. That’s what made me unsuccessful all these years.

The five businesses that you started are all multilevel marketing?

A big proportion of it was.

These businesses do not take much money. How did you get involved in it? How did you get into debt? 

In any business, it may not involve a lot of money but you still have to invest. Sometimes you buy products and things for the business. When you become a financial advisor, you’d be the first leader. You also invest in getting these financial services for yourself like a life insurance policy. That was one of the best investments I did, I started that when I was 21 years old. I bought my own insurance policy. I have the income that comes from that. Those are little things that come over time that add up. I had some habits that perhaps that weren’t quite helpful with that too. I have this tendency to over give, so I would buy things for other people when I shouldn’t. The first year I graduated with my bachelor degree, I gave everyone in my family a present. I went a little overboard because I was excited to have a job. There are also examples where I’m unable to receive. When we go out to eat or when someone buys me gifts, I say, “You shouldn’t have to. You shouldn’t buy that for me. You shouldn’t pay for me.” I know as Asians, we fight over who pays the bills, unlike Americans.

I also have this lack and scarcity mindset. I had a slew of them, I had this mentality or belief around money and what’s possible. In college, even when I met my husband, I would eat so much cafeteria food. They have that big tray and I would fill up the whole tray with food. I had two big plates, a small plate, and I even go for seconds. I ate a lot and I could eat like a man. If it’s just me and my husband, I would cook for at least ten people. We would eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then lunch and dinner the next day. I would overcook and I couldn’t understand why I did these things. It wasn’t clear to me until I did the deep inner work on myself. Growing up, I had experienced some scarcity, poverty, and not having enough. That’s why these traits and these patterns keep running in my energy field and in my mind. I couldn’t help myself doing these things. Until I did the deep inner work, cleared limiting patterns and beliefs, that I was able to transform these energies over giving, unable to receive, and the lack and scarcity.

I don’t cook too much and I don’t eat a lot now. In addition, I feel confident in my own worth. I don’t have to buy things for other people to fill up that worth that I didn’t have inside of me. My intuition is strengthened. I remember making some business decisions that I put the cart in front of the horse because I was desperate. I was desperate to make money.

This was a general spending habit and not investing in real estate or something like that, right? 

Yeah. It was not so much investing in real estate. I purchased this house at that time that the interest rate was high, so maybe I’d gone a little bit beyond my means. At that time, there was this belief, “Buy low and invest the difference.” There was also this hope that the market would turn around and in three or five years, the house will go up and then I’ll use that money to buy a smaller house. With the downturn of the economy around 2008, 2009, that was a big hit for me too like with other people.

Did you have one house or did you have two houses at that time? 

I just had one house. It was not a mansion, but it’s not a small house. It was big for the two of us, just me without kids, but now with my children and in-laws staying with us, it’s not big.

Do you still stay in the house? 


I know that you have a special spiritual gift. You can see something like an angel or some entity or something from a person. Are you one of the few in the world who can do that? 

Anyone of us can have the capacity to tune in and tap in, it’s just about how good you are and how effective your work is dependent on each person. For example, it’s like not all doctors, lawyers, accountant, even coaches, and healers are the same. I do have this unique gift where I could tune into the people’s energy field and know if they have any negative attachments or negative spirits following them, but that’s one piece of it. Knowing comes in many senses. It’s a sense of knowing, feeling, seeing, and hearing.

Financial Abundance: I decided to take that leap of faith that this is the opportunity for me to start over again and to have a clean slate.

My two biggest spiritual gifts are clear knowing and clear sensing. That’s one of the first things that I recommend each and every one of us to be free from. If you’re not free from negative spirits, then it’s hard for you to heal. It’s hard for you to do well in your business. It’s hard for you to even live your purpose and live your life. The other gift I have is to be able to tune into people’s energy fields and share with them where they’re blocked. These are blocked areas that we need to work on so that they can unblock themselves and support them in this unlocking the potential process.

If we don’t know that we have these issues, we can be trying everything and not knowing why we can’t be successful. If I had the knowledge of what I know now, it would have been a different story. Everything happens for a reason. I have all these challenges that I’ve been through and my wounds can be my greatest gifts. We just need the support and guidance to work through some of these beliefs and patterns we have, that sometimes we’re not even aware of. If you have asked me about these things, I was oblivious to it. I have no clue that I had any blocks. I have no clue that I had any limited beliefs or things like this.

I was so much in my head going the conventional medicine way that if you’ve told me anything like spirits or limited beliefs that block me from success, I would think of you as cuckoo too. It wasn’t until the shift came so clear to me, no wonder why I was not successful, I have a slew of limiting beliefs like, “I’m not good enough. I don’t know what it takes. I’m not observing. I don’t have enough. I’m not confident.” I had a whole bunch of lack and scarcity mentality. It was not the business opportunities. There are many people who start businesses and do well. I realized that it’s not the business opportunity, it’s me. The reasons why I feel that many businesses fail is not because the business failed them, it’s because they failed the business. It took me a long time to get that.

Jenny, you said that the business does not fail people, but people failed the business. 

I know that’s a strong statement to say. We fail the business because we have the limiting beliefs we have about it, the patterns that we keep doing over and over that keeps in the way of us growing and succeeding because we feel that we’re not good enough, we’re not deserving, and we don’t have what it takes. These are very common examples for many of us and in my clients. You can see how that translates to many other areas of our life, not just in business but in family relationship and even our health challenges.

Our business is a reflection of who we are. If our business is not doing well, it’s not because of the business, it’s because of us. The good news that I share with clients is if it’s us, we can do something about it. Sometimes the business may not be in alignment with the way we are and where we want to go, or where the spirit or the high power want to guide us. Sometimes, that’s part of that. When we are in alignment with where the spirit wants to guide us, we listen to our intuition, we’re feeling good, we’re doing what we’re passionate about, we’re using the gifts, skills and time that we have to be of service, then we are going to be successful. There’s no doubt about that. That’s why I said that we failed the business instead of the business failed us. That’s why there’s such this high rate of people going out of business because of our mindset, belief and the energy that we put in it.

How does somebody know that they have an unwanted spirit or an unwanted entity around them? 

Most people don’t know. They’re not intuitive. If you’re not open to that kind of thing, you won’t know. If you can see or hear spirit then that may be easy for you. Most of us who may not be familiar with the work will more than likely be influenced by it. Those people who are very negative, those who have negative thought, negative beliefs, who thinks the world is gloomy, people in this low vibration tend to attract spirits who are feeling the same way. Whenever we have an alignment, it’s mirroring and reflecting what we feel within us, so we keep attracting more negative stuff.

The other part of that is that even though we might be free of these negative attachments or negative spirits, most people are stuck in their victimhood and disempowerment state of being that they still believe that they have negative spirits preventing them to be successful, from doing well in the business and things that’s sabotaging them or interfering with them. That’s not the case, especially if you had worked with me or other people who are able to raise your vibration to the point that you can be free from these negative attachments. You still have challenges. I call it the junk because these are limiting beliefs, our conditioning, even trauma we have been through that are in the way of us being successful. It’s in the way of us aligning to our purpose and having the courage to take that leap of faith to do what we are here to do. I see this as a common belief especially in the Asian community or in countries where there’s a lot of voodoo, a lot of curses that they feel like the victim, “These people have power over me, therefore, they can do bad things to me.”

I’m here to share with you that no one can harm us or hurt us unless we allow it energetically. It’s not consciously, but our energy is saying, “We’re disempowered, bad things can happen.” On the flip side of this is that God, source, the universe or the high power cannot help us unless we want the help. No one can harm us unless we allow it. This is an advanced concept, if you don’t get anything out of this episode, you don’t have to worry about these things and you can be free from it.

For instance, I’m a nurse and a nurse-midwife working in the medical field. There a lot of bacteria and viruses everywhere. They are like fears. There are negative fears, but you don’t walk around worrying about bacteria and viruses, it’s just part of what is. When your immune system is healthy and in high vibration, you can be around someone who is sick. If they have a cold, you won’t catch that cold. The bad thing to do is raise the energy vibration and part of that is losing any parts of us that believes that anyone or anything can harm us. This is one of the questions I ask my clients on the assessment form, “Do you feel anyone outside of you is interfering you or causing challenges in your life, including negative entity attachments?” The answer is yes, no or possibly. That’s to show you that you do have a lot of energy. That doesn’t always mean you have the entity attachments.

Financial Abundance: When we’re in alignment with what we’re passionate about and using the gifts that we have to be of service, we’re going to be successful.

A few years ago, when I aired on the telesummit, I had these huge gifts that came through. I can clear these things like disinfectants. People are blown out of the water, but people are now more and more are overly aware of it and the problem is that they blame it on the entity or anything outside of them. I share with my clients, “This is the first thing you have to heal. This is one of the first things you have to overcome, otherwise you’re almost like a little puppy, taking your tail and going around in circles and never getting to your own issues. If you blame everything in your life and all this other stuff outside of you, you’re not going to taking responsibility, and how are you going to heal? How are you going live that dream life if you don’t like where you are, if you think that you don’t have anything to do with it or control over it?

I’m reading the book called Letting Go and it talks about taking the responsibility and that everything is an energy and vibration. I’m able to follow you. I understand that from that perspective. I was trained as a Law of Attraction coach and we believe that like attracts like. If we believe something negative, we always attract negative situations, people, environments, and things like that. If we are positive, we show up positive, pleasant and happy. That will impact the people around us. Therefore, we will create a positive environment and people who like that energy will attract them to us.

The reason that it’s hard to get out of this vicious cycle, this disempowerment, is they’re vibrating energies and they attract the entities within us, and they believe it’s true, “I keep having these issues and it keeps showing up in my life over and over again.” They will say, “I’m right.” This is what happens, so they keep confirming themselves, especially negatively. It’s hard to move out of that, but the opposite can happen. We can work on this deep self-conditioning, why we believe what we believe. Most Asians believe in ancestors and this is very important in our culture. You can see how it can go very deep and very far. That’s why sometimes it can be challenging even if we know it, but it’s hard for us to break through the cycle.

There was this client who was in Singapore. She knows that she had some issues and challenges with her family members. She felt not good enough and she has the patterns of avoidance and not putting out her creativity work out there. She had this awareness of something deeper like challenges with her family member including ancestors. She wasn’t able to find someone to help her go deep and she’s been struggling with this for years, even since she was a kid. She was so thankful that she found me and I’m able to take her deep into the processes where she was able to clear a lot of things in her childhood and memories of the past. Now, she’s feeling confident, she’s able to trust the intuition more and connect with people without avoiding people or pushing people away. It’s an amazing transformation.

The other client is a writer and an artist and she’s been stuck for three years straight. Literally, spinning her wheels, she was not clear, and she was not able to make as much money and things like that. After working with me, she was able to get unstuck and move through a lot of healing and a lot of deep traumas. She was able to even break free from her habit of emotional eating because she will eat when she was stressed and when she felt it could help her or soothe her. She has now found true love. The guys that she was dating all these years, she had to take care of them or they abused her and put her down. Now, she has an amazing relationship who honors and respects her. She’s able to connect to her intuitive knowing and her gift and put her work out there. She’s making progress in her personal professional life that she wasn’t able to be successful in three good years. The changes like these can happen and it can happen pretty quickly.

If you are struggling with challenges in your life, especially if you have a lot of shame, I know Kimchi is doing this amazing series on healing this Asian shame that is so vital to healing the past, essentially any parts of us that are shameful. It could be bankruptcy or choosing an unorthodox career or whatever that may be. You heal the roots of it and get the support you need from coaches like Kimchi or anyone else who can support you go deeper, so you can move forward in life because these are the very things that are going to hold you back from living that life that you want.

Who would be a perfect or ideal client for you? 

My ideal clients are heart-centered professionals and entrepreneurs who want to make a big impact and live a life on purpose. Even if you don’t know what your purpose is, we can help you get clear on that. Especially with entrepreneurs and business owners too who needs to understand the ups and downs of business, to get the support so you can focus, the clarity that you need, the immediate tools and support that you need that are so vital to help us stay on track, to help us make an impact that we want to make. There’s nobody out there with the message, the skills and gifts that you have, but the work cannot have that service if you’re not able to get out of your way and unlock your potential and shine so that we can all benefit from it.



Financial Abundance: Unlock your potential and shine, so that we can all benefit from it.

My ideals clients are those who can make my heart sing. I have various services for people who are not quite ready to go and have other services available to take them where they are or meet where they are. For example, those who feel stuck and want to be free from the place of negative attachments. When I do this work more and more, what makes my heart sing and what I love to do is working with clients at a deeper level in my healing immersion program that take people from where they are to where they want to go so much faster.

What’s next if our audience wants to learn more about your service? 

I would say go visit my website. You can read more about what I do and all the services I have for you depending on where you are in your life and what support you need. That is GlobalQuantumHealing.com. You can also follow me on Facebook, which is Facebook.com/GlobalQuantumHealing.

Thank you for this insightful conversation, Jenny. We hope to hear from you again soon and best wishes on your journey. 

Thank you so much for having me, Kimchi. It’s a pleasure to be with you and your amazing audience.

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Episode Quotes

"I tell time by the shadow of the sun."

"Poverty helped me become reliant."

"My teacher told me I WILL is better than IQ."

"Bankruptcy gave me an opportunity to start a clean slate."

"Business does not fail people, people fail the business."

"Business is a reflection of who we are."



About Jenny Thao Ngo

Jenny Thao Ngo, RN, MSN, CNM, is a Transformational Healer, Coach and Intuitive. She has been featured on well-known global telesummits such as You Wealth Revolution and From Heartache To Joy.

Jenny’s vision is to support as many heart-centered professionals and entrepreneurs around the world to live their true purpose and prosper doing what they love. She is dedicated to using her intuitive gifts to help people unlock their full potential. Her unique multidimensional healing process–allows her clients to remember their Divine essence, connect to their inner knowing, and free themselves from limiting beliefs and wounds of the past so that they can fulfill their unique life missions.

Starting out in modern medicine, Jenny worked as a Registered Nurse and Certified Nurse Midwife for 12 years, while simultaneously embarking on her spiritual path. In her mid-20s, she began to develop her energy healing techniques. She studied many healing modalities. In the midst of her healing journey, she discovered her own unique healing gifts and found her true calling as a transformational healer. Now, as a spiritual “midwife” she helps people “birth” their purpose and live their dreams. Jenny’s healing abilities allow her clients to quickly uncover their true purpose, re-ignite their passions and break free from limitations.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her soulmate, husband along with her 2 kiddos, traveling to the beach and other fun places.

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