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Three Legged Stool For Human Life: Health, Wealth and Relationships

With Kimchi Chow

Published on: Nov 30, 2018

Most of us go through life as if we would live forever and take our health for granted. We are careless about what we eat, what we do, and how much tension and pressure we put on our body. This solo episode is about health, wealth, and relationships. Find out why these three areas are important in human life, and how they are connecting with each other. By the end of this episode, you will have a clearer picture on how to live life fully and feel good about the result that you created at the end of your life.

Health, Wealth, Relationships: The Three-Legged Stool For Human Life

We have another solo episode and it’s about Health, Wealth and Relationships. You will find out why these three areas are important in your life and how they are connected with each other. By the end of this episode, you would have a clearer picture on how to live life fully and feel good about the result that you created at the end of your life.

Most of us go through life as if we would live forever. Some of us take our health for granted; we are careless about what we eat, what we do, and how much tension and pressure we put on our body. From the time we are about 20 years old to the time we are about 49 years old, most of us think that we are invincible, and nothing can hurt us.

During this stage, we think that money will solve everything. We put the “money-making” activities at the top priority, and other activities that can improve health and relationships, we put them at the bottom of our priority list.

When you reach 50 years old, you will realize that the areas that you have been neglecting are now coming back to bite you.

In this episode, I’d like to share a few things that I have learned and observed, to point out things that could hurt you physically and emotionally, and to provide you with some options that can help you. My intention is not to make you feel bad for what happened in the past, but to show you that it’s not too late to correct your actions moving forward.

Like your health, if you have been neglecting it since you were twenty years old, and if you have been feeding your body with high fat, high sodium food, or food with lots of sugar, then you might experience high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. by the time you reach 50 or even younger. I have seen this scenario from my family and friends. For people who have not been exercising or physically active, they will start feeling aches and pains from the joints of their limbs or wil have lower back aches that could last for months.

Besides health, the other area that could hurt you when you reach 50 is your relationships with your family members. If you did not spend time nurturing those relationships by communicating, connecting or finding out what’s going on with their lives, you would feel alone, even if you surround yourself with many people at work or in other environments. Your children might not understand you, and despite listening to you; they might snap back at you and say things like, “Don’t tell me to listen to what you say, because you don’t walk your talk,” etc.

If you were still married at that time, you might realize that you have built a wall between you and your spouse because you did not invest your time to work out on the issues you two did not agree about decades ago. You might have given up on the other person’s ability to change. You might have lost love and intimacy in your marriage. You might have some fantasy with other people who are close to you at work or in another environment. You might wonder if your marriage is still worth keeping.

The examples are around you if you look closely, and the intense experience of your emotions when you are in this stage will vary compared to others.

Health, Wealth, Relationships: Without connection to another human being, we become isolated and cold.

How are health, wealth and relationships connected, and why are they important in our life? These three areas are important in your life if you want to have an experience of peace and joy.

As a human being, we rely on our physical body to function, to do things we want without relying on other people to do for us. We want to be useful and helpful. We want to be able to support, care and protect our loved ones from harm. However, the main thing that we want most is to be able to control our body and mind. Your body is the only area that you have direct control whereas in wealth and relationships you don’t.

As a human being, we yearn for connections. Without a connection to another human being, we become isolated and cold. Some people will say that you are a robot if they feel they cannot connect with you.

As a human being who lives in this society, we use money as the mean to get the things we need or want. In exchange, we use our skills to create goods and services that deem worthy so people will pay us for it.

How are health, wealth and relationships connected?

Let’s look at wealth first.

When you don’t have enough money to pay for essential and necessary things, you will feel stress. You will experience constraints and pressure, which could affect your health. Whenever you are in this state, you will experience one of these emotions: depressed, sadness, guilt, jealousy, and resentment.

If you suppress these emotions for more than a year, you might experience symptoms from high blood pressure, migraine headaches, diabetes or depression.

Health, Wealth, Relationships: As humans, we are related by blood and connected by emotional energy. Diseases are caused by stuck energy and stuck emotions in the body.

Now, to improve this area so that you can build more wealth, start saving money as soon as you are making it, and live below your means. Put aside 5% to 10% of your income to build your financial freedom. I suggest a part of this fund goes to buying a home or investing in something that will multiply; another part of it goes to a retirement fund, and the last part of it goes to vacation or trip or for doing something that makes your heart sing.

I recommend that you work with a certified and experienced financial planner, who has a track record and an excellent performance. This person should teach you how to make your money grow. He or she should explain to you why, what and when to invest so that you can make the best investment and get the best returns for your investment. You might want to talk to two or three financial planners to see which one can give you what you want, and whether or not you get along with them, based on their personality, their style, and their options. You might want to ask for referrals and also see his or her investment portfolio.

Now, let’s look at relationships.

Relationships is another area that is very important in our life. It is the glue that connects all of us. As a human, we are related by blood and connected by emotional energy. The feelings that we have for the other person can be expressed through words, physical touch, and actions.

When you love and care for the other person, whether it’s your spouse, parents, child, or friend, you say sweet and kind words to them. You treat them with respect, you take time to understand their point of view so that you can support them wholeheartedly.

When you hate or you’re angry at somebody, you already made up your mind that you don’t care about the well-being of that person. You want revenge, you ignore the other person’s presence. You don’t treat that person with respect, and you are not willing to hear or trying to understand the other person’s point of view.

Health, Wealth, Relationships: Health is the most important and critical aspect of your life. Without health, nothing else matters much.

When you carry this anger, hatred, resentment, disgust, blaming or shaming energy against someone for a couple of years, you might develop a disease like diabetes, cancer or anything that is related to body inflammation. These diseases are caused by the stuck energy and stuck emotions in the body.

If you noticed that you are suffering from any disease that I mentioned, check within yourself to see who you still have a conflict with. Most likely, this person is very close to you, and even though you can’t stand to be around with this person, you still think about this person often.

My recommendation to you is to find a good life coach or an experienced healer or a past-life regression therapist and work with at least one of them. These people will help you understand the root of your illness or disease, and show you the way to reduce or eliminate it without using medication.

What about health? Let’s examine it.

When you are sick, you are not able to work or contribute to your family. In fact, you might be the reason that your wealth is draining and your relationships are suffering. My recommendation is NOT taking your health for granted at a young age after you become an adult. If you like to drink alcohol, do it occasionally. If you love food, enjoy good food moderately and do not eat high-fat, high-sugar foods daily. Plus, it would help if you kept your body moving and active at all times.

One of the best things that can strengthen your body is exercise. Go to the gym and work with a personal trainer to find the best activity for you to help strengthen your bone and muscle, and help improve your endurance. When you work out, combine different exercises that involve weightlifting, aerobic-like dancing or circus or biking, and stretching like yoga.

Keep in mind that these three areas: health, wealth and relationships are important at ALL ages. Depending on your age and the stage you are in, one area might seem more important and might take more time than the other areas. Like before 40, you might need to focus more on building a career and creating wealth. By the time you are 50, relationships and family require more attention from you. After 60, you will see that health is the most important and critical aspect of your life. You will realize that without health, nothing matter much.

When you take this advice early on, you will have a smoother life; you will feel that you have more control in your life than most people, and you will not have any regret at the end of your life.

Take it on, and start now. If you find these tips useful, I’d like to hear from you. Until next time, LIVE LIFE LOUD.

Episode Quotes 

"Most of us go through life as if we would live forever."

"As human beings, we yearn for connections."

"Health, wealth, and relationships are important at ALL ages"

About Kimchi Chow

Kimchi Chow, Founder & CEO of Asian Women of Power, and Host of Asian Women of Power podcast.
Born and raised in Vietnam, Kimchi is the first generation of immigrants in America.
With a diverse background, from high tech to service industry to investing to personal growth, Kimchi knew what it took to be successful, happy and fulfilled in life.
Now, Kimchi is working as a coach to support her clients, the Asian American women, about Life, Relationships and Culture, to help her clients create the life that they love.
Kimchi started a movement called “Live Life Loud” and a podcast called “Asian Women of Power” in May 2018. Today, this podcast has widely spread to over 22 countries around the world.
Kimchi’s mission is to empower Asian American women to speak their truth, to stand up for their rights and to show up for what they believe in.
To learn more about her programs, her podcast and her movement, please join her on her Facebook group, or connect with her through LinkedIn.
Kimchi currently lives in San Jose, California with her husband. She is also serving on the Board of Advisor for The AGIF organization (www.TheAGIF.org), and the Board of Volunteer for CASPA organization (www.CASPA.com).

Connect with Kimchi Chow at:
Website: www.AsianWomenOfPower.com
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