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The Climb-Every-Mountain Warrior

With Lisa K.Y. Wong

Published on: May 4, 2018

Most of us don’t know why we are yearning to do something which has nothing to do with our education or our background. Until you look at your life from outside, you would not be able to tell where those dreams and desires came from. The most effective way of looking at yourself from the outside is by working with a life coach, someone who is trained to help you see your blind spots, to help you align with your core values, and to help you achieve the things that are important to you. The next best way to look at yourself from the outside is by meditation and reflection on yourself on daily basis. This can get you there but it may take you longer.

Our next guest is Lisa K.Y. Wong. Her story of growing up will show exactly why she does what she does now and why she is so passionate to teach moms and children on self-care. Lisa is a California board licensed and nationally certified acupuncturist. She holds a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University and a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from UC Davis. Formally served as a staff acupuncturist at Kaiser Permanente San Jose Medical Center, subject expert for the California Acupuncture Board, and in-patient massage therapist at El Camino Hospital. Lisa is the author of Pocket Guide to Your Body’s Control Panels and Healing By Design Self-Care Guide: Relieving Headaches In Minutes. Her specialties are Auricular Medicine, a comprehensive integrative medical modality which diagnoses and treats diseases of the body through inspecting and stimulating acupoints in the ears, and Healing By Design Self-Care Technology which she developed and teaches her patients and the general public.

Lisa founded Center for Healing By Design, a 501(c)3 non-profit, a partner organization of the Urban Eco-Village of San Jose. She is also a member of the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, and a member of the Santa Clara County Maternal Mental Health Collaborative. Lisa climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa in July 2015 as a way to launch her global Climb Every Mountain Self-Care Movement. She is leading the way in helping people world-wide discovering their inner healing tools, so they can climb the mountains in their lives. Since July 2015, Lisa has taught her self-care education classes to hundreds of people worldwide, from 4-year-old orphans to 80-year-old world record holders. Her paid clients include healthcare professionals, professional athletes, and global business leaders.

The Climb Every Mountain Warrior with Lisa K.Y. Wong

We are happy to welcome Lisa Wong, the acupuncturist to our show. Welcome, Lisa.

Hi, Kimchi.

Lisa, would you share with us your story? Where you’re from and at what age you came to America and what leads you to do what you do now?

Thank you, Kimchi. First of all, thank you for inviting me. It’s an honor to be on your show. I came to America when I was ten from Hong Kong. I was born in Canton. My family immigrated here when I was ten and my sister at age seven. We came to California, San Francisco. First we lived in Sacramento and then we move out to the Bay Area here.



What lead you to do what you do now?

It’s definitely a long winding road to get to where I am now. I went through middle school, high school and college in the Bay Area. I went to UC Davis, more in the Sacramento area. Growing up, I guess what I’m doing now, believe it or not, only two years ago that I make the real connection why I’m doing what I’m doing and traced it all the way back to my childhood. Not ten years, but all the way back to when I was three or even further when I was born. I was born during the Cultural Revolution and my parents were teachers in a university and they had to be sent to the countryside to work. During the Cultural Revolution, that’s what all these teachers had to do. I was left with the babysitter for the first two years on my life. I didn’t have my parents with me and my babysitter really didn’t know how to take care of me. I got sick a lot. I really start out life with really poor health. I remember having to go to the hospital almost every month. I was really alone and not having many people to play with and my babysitter did not really engage me.

I can really attribute to why I’m end up being in the healthcare field and really care about our health and teaching people about how important it is to have good health. I really had a start with my life with poor health and that experience, I think really stuck with me and really was the most important thing in my life is health. How I ended up doing self care, in healthcare is not just a straight row. I definitely went through all these winding roads to get here because of all these different reasons. As I said, I really was a kid with lots of health issues. I was hospitalized when I was seven with a kidney problem. I really did not like to be in hospitals. Also, I really had this amazing fear for needles. When I was in the hospital, I had the IV, those needles stuck in my tiny little hand every day. It was swollen. It was painful. I was so afraid of needles. How did I end up working with needles as acupuncturist?

That was what I was thinking. What a transformation.

It is really unthinkable. I couldn’t believe it myself, too. It was strange. Even though I had all these health issues, because I was growing up by myself, I actually spend a lot of time with myself. The interest and curiosity about my body, about how my mind works, it’s all fascinating to me. I spend a lot of time exploring my body. One time in high school, I wanted to go to medical school, but after going through this internship, going to the hospital and just watch how things are done in the hospital, I couldn’t stand the sight of blood. I fainted. Every time I see blood, it reminds me of the time when I was in hospital when I was seven and the needles and all that really frightens me. I gave up the idea of going to medical school. Instead, I chose to major in computer science in college because I was interested in how our brain works. I’m still curious how does our human bodies, this fascinating machine, how it works. I think I went that route.

Instead I went into high tech and did software engineering, but I find that coding, developing, writing programming is not my thing because I don’t like spending all my days in front of the computer and debugging. That was really not my thing. I realized I love interacting with people. Also, because of my curiosity about how our brains work and I got into user interface design. I design cell phone user interfaces for ten years after college and in the high tech world and focusing on making a high-tech gadgets like cell phones, computers work user-friendly so that it helps the human users really be able to maximize their capabilities with these high tech gadgets. That was what I did out of college. I got to be like all these engineers in Silicon Valley here, we get burned out. We work so many long hours and it really takes a toll on our bodies. I got carpal tunnel, I got neck problem, I got shoulder problem being in front of the computer twelve to fourteen hours a day. That’s a lot of strain on our bodies.

Again, I got back to wanting to save myself. I decided to quit my job and go back to school. There’s another reason, too, besides saving my own body, my boyfriend at the time had an accident and he got hit by a car and broke some bones and I had to take care of him. In the process, I realized I actually enjoyed taking care of people and what a great idea if I learn about the human body at the same time, learn how to take care of people and also satisfy my intellectual curiosity about how the body works. At the same time, Chinese medicine really intrigues me because growing up in the America, I didn’t get to learn a lot about Chinese history and Chinese culture. The idea of studying Chinese medicine really serves two purposes for me. One is my curiosity about the body, how the body works, and at the same time I get to also learn the Chinese culture because Chinese medicine is really a big part in Chinese culture. Even though I was so afraid of needles, I still go visit the acupuncture school. I remember, I had to make sure I get over my fear for the needles before I could bring the courage to apply for the school. That I did and I ended up really focused my research during the acupuncture school to find out all I can about any possible way to heal ourselves not using needles.

That’s how I got so into studying all kinds of ways using acupressure, which is an alternative way to not having to use needles. Even though I still practice using needles when it’s necessary, my focus is that if we don’t need to use needles, I would prefer not to. That leads me to discover and really love the idea of how the body is truly a super computer and the skin is like the dynamic user interface. I see that the supercomputer that’s our body and from my user interface career as a user interface designer, I see the body as a supercomputer with many control panels and healing buttons. That’s when I realize that I’m just so excited and so grateful and understand why the universe had me go through my life this way so that I can appreciate our body and our self-healing ability this way. I come to realize my calling and my life’s mission is to help people appreciate that. From this angle of seeing these control panels and healing buttons in our body and, and also learning these simple ways that I come to tests throughout my life to how I can heal myself so easily and prevent myself being sick and boost my immune system.

Two years ago when I was in Africa climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, I did my ultimate tests experiment on my own body. How I was able to use the simple acupressure techniques I teach my patients on my own body when I deal with the high altitude sickness. Climbing up to 19,000 feet high where the air is at 45% oxygen level and I could hardly breathe. At that time, that experience of having my body and myself and nothing else, no medicine, no needles and no doctors with me, but just me and myself and the knowledge of how to work with my own control panels and healing buttons. In this case, it’s the ears and hands. I was able to breathe again and return to normal breathing within 30 minutes after I do my acupressure. I was finally really deeply believe in myself that my body if I trust it, if that inner doctor which I’ve been telling my patients about is that powerful, only at that time I really truly experienced that myself. Through that experience, I can tell my patient now and everybody I come to meet and share through my talks and workshops. The message I want to deliver to people, is that our body is very, very powerful. More powerful than we ever could believe and imagine. I’m here to tell people, yes, we have the power to heal ourselves. Our body knows how to do it. It has all the intelligence built in. We just need to learn this skill, this essential life skill that we never get to learn in school.

That’s why I’ve created my nonprofit to spread this message to everybody, not just any particular race, but all ages, all cultures, we share the same human body and we’re all the same and we have this power. When I come to realize that that is such a huge vision that I come to see my messages, but from that actually is my motivation to go through all the things I need to learn in ending my career as a software engineer. As an acupuncturist, I’m not only seeing patients, but here now I take on this bigger vision and bigger task for myself because I want to actually focus on education. That’s what I see nowadays and through my work with Kaiser Permanente and seeing so many patients with all this chronic pain, chronic illnesses everywhere. It’s because growing up, we never get to learn how we are our best doctor. We need to be a partner to our inner doctor so that we can heal ourselves, that our inner doctor can take care of us. If only we, growing up know how to take care of our body, take care of our inner doctor, then our inner doctor will take care of us when we need her or him.

Who was your role model growing up and who is your role model now?

I guess both my mom and my dad has really contributed to my life in different ways. My dad, in a way, what I want to work with right now with my non-profit I want to work with young parents now. When I was three years old, my dad tells me this bedtime story that involves a monkey riding on an elephant and guiding the elephant through this forest by pulling on the elephant’s ears. That bedtime story my dad told me stuck with me somehow and now I realized that’s why I love my specialty with the ear medicine so much because of that idea, that seed that my dad planted in me early in life. Now, I love pulling on people’s ears and use the ear as a guiding tool for all my diagnosis and treatments with my patients. That is an amazing connection that I didn’t see it until recently. It’s four years ago now when I went to CEO Space and come across a coach. Sheffra Williams is an amazing life coach that helped me make these connections with my childhood. What I’m doing now, it’s amazing how it’s related in this way because it has been growing in my psyche all along. What I’m doing is expressing the ideas that I’ve been carrying in my mind. What I’m doing now is fulfilling my fate or my calling that it’s my journey to realize in this life.

My mom is another really influential person in my life. She takes me to these performances and dances. I love to be on stage. I love to sing and perform. I have that part of me that love to be expressing and be on stage and to deliver whatever I want to share with the world. That has I guess been suppressed in a way because of the Cultural Revolution that really caused my parents to suppress me whenever I want to be outspoken. I get punished for being outspoken. In a way, maybe that is part of the history of the China Cultural Revolution. That situation has this effect on my family and also suppressing my desire to express. For a long time, I was very shy and timid. I think that was me. Not remembering how when I was little, I’d love to be on stage and perform and dance and be my true self. I only come to discover that later in life when I had a work with my coach, Sheffra. Only then I realized that that was my true self is one that wants to express. When I get in touch with my true self and my highest self and knowing, especially when I got in touch with my life’s calling and my life message, I was able to bring up this courage, that fearlessness. All my fear went away.

Going to Africa and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro really helped me become fearless about everything we do and this process of transforming my career and my business. All those things need lots of courage. There’s a lot of learning curve, a lot of things I have to grow myself to become the person to do my calling. When I realized my calling is so big, it’s very scary. I find the courage to do that because I got in touch with my deep, really true calling and understand how when that true self in me has that capability, that power just like my inner doctor. That is where I’m so grateful. Not just for my mom and dad and Sheffra, but all these people along the way has helped me discover my true self and also my inner power. That is a message I like to share with not only my Asian women friends, but also everyone, that we have that inner power in us. If only we believe it’s there and we go seek it and truly bring it out of us. That is our duty in our life. Life is so short.

I think that most people, especially Asian women, underestimate the value of working with a life coach. Most of us cannot see our blind spot unless we work with somebody who can guide us through our journey and show us how to tap into our true self. It is hard to live the life you desire without that help. I want to remind you that this is what I do, to help people see their blind spots. If you want to explore what life coach is about, go to my website www.RippleImpactCoaching.com.

CEO Space is not the only entrepreneur organization that I got involved with along my personal growth journey. It’s in CEO Space that I met my life coach that really transformed and helped me really bring the best out of me and helped me see my calling and my mission and how I also see who I was when I was a little kid and saw how amazing our parents. Whatever our parents do when we were little, can have such a big impact. In addition to the influence our parents have on us on our life, whether it’s good or bad, along the way as we become adults, with the help of life coaches, for me, in my case with Sheffra and a couple of other coaches that I had worked with really helped bring the best out of us and see us. They are like a mirror. They show us who we really are and bring that out of us so that we can really, truly live the life we want and deserve and be so happy.

I can’t tell you how happy I am ever since I truly found my calling. I wake up every day and it’s so empowering to know that every day you get to work on your mission in life. You’re helping the people by sharing your story and sharing your life message and impacting so many lives that you never know how many lives you impact. You’re just doing your role in life. That’s my assignment. It’s how satisfying that is when you are in your element. You are doing what only you can do and see. Kimchi, you are doing what God and the Universe guides you to do and I am doing what I am cut out to do. Every one of us is unique and our life path is unique and everyone has to bring something to the table to contribute to the evolution of humanity. That is the best ideal situation. In that way, everyone of us is happy.

You seem like a very calm and happy person. Do you compromise or tolerate anything in your life?

I’m sure growing up there’s a lot of compromise and tolerating I had to do. For us, coming from China and the Chinese Revolution, I think we were in a lot of fear and also this pressure to conform to not stand out, to have our own beliefs and our own individual thinking. The way we grow up, for myself, financially, my family when we came to the US, we only had $100. I remember my mom was telling me that she only had $100 bill in her pocket. How did my parents got through all those difficult times coming here and make a living and bringing up both my sister and I through school all these years? Somehow they did it. I did not really get to learn the healthy mindset about how to deal with money and manage money and I guess I was spoiled. Growing up and when I come to have to do my own money, finances and also when it comes to managing it and investing. All those are the thing around money, I have the most difficult time because I never get to learn it.

Just as other people may be dealing with health issues, they didn’t know about their inner doctor. For me, it’s not about the health part, but it’s the finance part. There are a lot of things I need to learn and grow. There are a lot of compromises along the way. I take them as challenges that make life a colorful and interesting. If we don’t have problems to solve, life becomes boring. Definitely, I have my ups and downs. I could see that another thing I have, a lot of challenges in is relationship. Growing up, I don’t know about you, but my parents have a lot of problems with me regarding having boyfriends. All along, my parents have lots of problems with all the boys I meet. I ended up having a lot of issues between me and my parents revolving my relationships with boys. That is in my life in relationships.

Life has challenges. We all have our own different challenges to deal with and overcome. For me, I really am grateful that I think the best thing that happened to me is to have a coach to help me climb this mountain. Life is a mountains that we climb. My coach showed me the way to climb this mountain one step at a time. When I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, it took seven days even though it’s just a short seven days trip, it’s a mini version of how life is. If I just climbed the mountain myself without the mountain guides, the local people that the lead us up the mountain show us the way. I’m thinking if in life, if we don’t have life coaches, we could go spend a long time to climb that mountain and to go with a lot of deviations. We will pick a lot of long ways to climb up the mountain.

With a coach, we can go up the mountain much faster and take shorter routes and maybe we don’t have to take the long route up. Eventually, we will get up to the top, I’m sure. Having coaches is like having a mountain guide to help you get to where you want to go in a shorter time and less headaches that you have to deal with. After I climbed the mountain, on top of Mount Kilimanjaro, I launch the movement I called Climb Every Mountain Self-Care Movement with the idea that I took care of myself using the self-care skills that I want to teach people. The idea is that life has lots of mountains that we climb. We are presenting all the life challenges and health is one of the mountain that I like to be a mountain guide to teach them if you know these self-care skills and you can climb any mountain in your life. Without health, if you don’t have a healthy body, you cannot do these other things, other endeavors, other aspects of life that you want to do in your business, your family, you need to have good health. I’m just one of the guides for people for another way of living a good life.

How long does it take for one to go through the Climb Every Mountain Self-Care Program? 

What our nonprofit teaches people the basics of self-care. We teach people how to do the self massages on the different parts of the body I call control panels, which are the head, the ears, the hands. It varies. It could be one hour workshops to do an introduction. We are working on multiple workshops as a series of workshops. Right now we are working with several hospitals and non-profits. I’m working with moms and babies and young children to learn how to do the self-care. We have a fourteen-week series, a weekly class. Each time, it’s about one and half hour. The idea is to teach them these different self-care techniques to boost the immune system, to prevent them getting sick. When they have illness or have pain, they can heal themselves with these simple techniques. Our most and foremost important project we want to work on now is with moms and babies that’s dealing with the opiate epidemic.

It really breaks my heart when I hear that every 25 minutes, a baby is born in this country with the opiate dependence. They are dealing with having to suffer and endure these painful withdrawals after they are born with moms that are having the opiate addictions. Their mom’s dealing with opiate addiction. These babies, having their moms taking the opiate throughout their pregnancy, these babies also become dependent on the medication, the opiate substance. Luckily, the good news is there are there studies proven that acupressure can help these babies and these moms to relieve their withdrawal symptoms without them having to take so much of the medications. It’s a non-drug way to help them help their body. Again, now is really bringing out the power of their inner doctor. This population, the moms and the babies dealing with these challenges are one of the most urgent populations that we want to help and bring the benefit, the power of the self acupressure.

Getting these moms to realize how powerful the self-healing is. We are working on developing these classes that we want to teach the hospital nurses that works at the NICU and also teaching the moms themselves and the dads also to help the babies to deal with these painful withdrawals. For adults, it’s so painful to deal with these withdrawal symptoms. You can imagine the babies just born and they’re helpless and they have to endure such painful experiences. It’s really heartbreaking. Not to mention, their whole brain development is impacted because of these medications that they need to take. We’re really hoping that the non-drug therapy can help minimize the long-term lifelong impact these babies might have to go through. That is one of our highest priority for the non-profit that I found.


What makes you feel happy? What do you do for fun?

I enjoy nature so much because we’re part of nature. Self-care is what we promote so I have to walk the talk. I practice self-care skills and techniques that I teach people. Besides doing self-care, self-acupressure on my body, checking in with my inner doctor every day, and doing meditation, going out in nature, connecting with nature and also exercise. We cannot say enough about the benefit of exercise that has to our mind, body and spirit. I love meditation, I love walking. Definitely hiking because my Climb Every Mountain Self-Care Movement, ultimately I also want to climb a lot of mountains. Definitely, going inward into our mind and body, to nurture that inner child, inner doctor in us is very, very important to maintain our mental health and also keep connecting with our spiritual side. When we talk about the mind, body and spirit, it’s not just our body, physical and emotions, but our connection to our life purpose. Spiritual health is so critical for me because that is where I draw the power and the motivation to keep me going every day.

We are almost at the end of the show, what are your top three advices for Asian women?

I think that we need to believe in ourselves and we need to really take care of ourselves before we take care of others. I see it in my mom, she really cares for the family more than herself. She’s very selfless that way, but then she herself end up feeling neglected. I think it’s very important that we start with ourselves. We can do a lot of good things for the world, but if we don’t take care of ourselves, then we cannot take care of others. Just like what Gandhi say, “Be the change we want to see in the world.” If we want to see peace and happiness and good health, we need to start, especially we are women, I think we’re the center of our family. Most of the moms are the example, the model for the kids and the husband. We have to start by leading, being an example ourselves, taking care of ourselves, make sure that we are happy and have a lot of respect for ourselves and trust ourselves. Trust our gut feelings. That is the biggest thing. Lead our family. “Be the change we want to see.”

If our listeners want to find out more about the Climb Every Mountain Self-Care Movement or about your non-profit organization, where should they go? 

Thank you, Kimchi. Our website for my non-profit, Center for Healing by Design is at www.CenterForHealingByDesign.org. Part of my website has a page on the Climb Every Mountain Self-Care Movement. They can go to my website.

They can know everything what you do over there, right? Yes.

We need all the help we can get so there’s a donate button on our website homepage. Around the year we love to and appreciate donations to our projects especially the one that’s helping with the opiate epidemic in moms and the babies. Our Healing By Design Drug-Free Program is dedicated for helping those moms and babies.

Thank you for being here with us and thank you for sharing yourself and your journey with everyone.

Thank you so much, Kimchi. It’s such a pleasure to be on your show. I really applaud you for having this show because this really helps Asian women to be ourselves and recognize how powerful we are as a very productive part of our society and our community.

I hope you hear the challenge that Lisa shared growing up and how she turned that challenge into something wonderful as the Climb Every Mountain Self-Care Movement. Are you still struggling in relationship that you want to get out of? Do you still have guilt, shame, and not able to forgive someone who has done you wrong? Please share your thoughts and let us know how we can support you to have courage to speak your voice. Until next time, live life loud.

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Episode Quotes

"We have that inner power in us. If only we believe it’s there and we go seek it and truly bring it out of us."

"We need to believe in ourselves and we need to really take care of ourselves before we take care of others."

About Lisa K.Y. Wong


Lisa is a California Board Licensed and Nationally Certified Acupuncturist. She holds a M.S. degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University and a B.S. degree in Computer Science from U.C. Davis. Formally served as a staff acupuncturist at Kaiser Permanente San Jose Medical Center, subject expert for the California Acupuncture Board, and in-patient massage therapist at El Camino Hospital, Lisa is the author of Pocket Guide to Your Body’s Control Panels and Healing By Design SelfCare Guide: Relieving Headaches In Minutes. Her specialties are Auricular Medicine, a comprehensive integrative medical modality which diagnoses and treats diseases of the body through inspecting and stimulating acupoints in the ears, and Healing By Design™ Self-Care Technology which she developed and teaches her patients and the general public. Lisa founded Center for Healing By Design, a 501c3 non-profit, a partner organization of the Urban Eco-Village of San Jose. She is also a member of the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology And Health, and a member of the Santa Clara County Maternal Mental Health Collaborative.

Lisa climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa, in July 2015 as a way to launch her global Climb Every Mountain Self-Care Movement. She is leading the way in helping people world-wide discover their inner healing tools, so they can “climb the mountains” in their lives. Since July 2015, Lisa has taught self-care education classes to hundreds of people worldwide, from 4-year-old orphans to 80-year-old world record holders. Her paid clients include healthcare professionals, professional athletes, and global business leaders.

Social media profiles:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/lisa.karying.wong https://www.facebook.com/centerforhealingbydesign/ https://www.facebook.com/climbeverymountainselfcaremovement/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisakywong/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/LisaKYWong Athlete Network: https://www.athletenetwork.com/LisaKYWong

YouTube: Center for Healing By Design

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