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Collaboration Is The New Business Model

With Berny Dohrmann

Published on: Mar 29, 2019

While the business industry is competitive, that does not mean that the culture inside has to be. Moving cultures of companies from a competitive-based into cooperation-based is now the new business model. Berny Dohrmann, economist, investment banker and chairman of CEO Space International, believes in the cooperation movement to be true. He shares how a culture of collaboration can increase performance, outcome, and happiness inside the community. Berny also talks about family and relationships, and gives his insights on why most successful men and women do not have a happy marriage and what they can do to overcome it. Berny also touches on the legacy and teachings he got from his father, Alan Dohrmann, and how he has been helping CEOs through his CEO Space International.

Collaboration Is The New Business Model with Berny Dohrmann

I’d like to read one review from our audience. This one is from Lani K with the title Empowering, “Asian Women of Power is a catalyst for healing and getting rid of stereotypes which Asian women continue to endure. Kimchi and her guests candidly discuss thought-provoking challenges which Asian women and their families face which affects our self-esteem, dreams, aspirations, career, family life and more. Bravo, Kimchi, for teaching us how to live life loud. You are inspiring.” Those are very kind words. Thank you, Lani K. Please keep on reading and sharing this podcast. We appreciate your support and review.


I’m inviting a very special guest whose work has impacted my life and how I see the world, especially in the business world. I’m pleased to introduce Mr. Berny Dohrmann. He is the Chairman of CEO Space International. Their five times a year conferences have ranked number one must-attend business conference from Forbes.com and Inc.com. He is an economist, investment banker having run a public global Wall Street investment banking firm prior to his work for 30 years as Chairman of CEO Space International. He is known as the coach of coaches advising CEOs in the largest industries, head of state and celebrity thought leaders with relationships over the last twenty years. These thought leaders include Jack Canfield of the Chicken Soup, Bob Proctor and Lisa Nichols, stars of The Secret, John Gray of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, renowned international speakers Les Brown and many other celebrities and advisors and coaches. Please help me welcome, Berny Dohrmann.

I’m so glad to be here. Thank you so much for having me and thank you for joining us. We’ll make it important. You’re going to enjoy this. I hope you read it more than once and ask ten or fifteen people to see the link if you’re getting value. Share it and get it viral out on your walls, etc. It helps Kimchi to see you put it out on the walls and your boards and make the show get popular. If you like this content, share it with your tribes on your LinkedIn and your Facebooks and your walls and social. It will help us get the word out. Thank you and this is going to be a great year for you.

Thank you, Berny. Most people didn’t grow up in a privileged family and have parents who are thought leaders like your dad, Alan Dohrmann. Would you quickly share about your dad’s work and what was it like growing up in that environment?

My father founded in the 1940s the Human Potential Industry and he worked with the thought leaders who brought it forward. Over at my house where I grew up as a child, coming to my home were people like Walt Disney, Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill of Think and Grow Rich, Og Mandino, Jack Kennedy, President Kennedy who was assassinated later pitched my first Little League game, people like Martin Luther King. I could go on and on with the list of the people that sought my dad. He coached and advised the heads of Fortune companies and developed the Human Potential Industry that he founded. Tony Robbins and others that I mentor now stand on the shoulders of giants who have come before and I grew up with them.

How did your parents discipline nine of you?

They were tough. My father was a Navy Commander and he used to pipe us to room inspection before church. We stood outside our rooms and even though we had maids and governesses, we had to keep our room immaculate Navy level. We dressed for dinner. We had manners. Manners were very important. Five girls, four boys and we were very respectful. We had a lot of love but we also had discipline and rules and our chore list on the refrigerator. We were taught as we grew up that being in a very special family that was influential was a privilege and that we had obligations to give back and contribute to the world.

Are you the eldest in the family?

No. I’ve got five girls and I was the first boy so that I’m not gay in San Francisco where I was raised, which is a miracle. The girls, when they had their first boy, dressed me up in their clothes, put big rollers in my hair in those days and made me ridiculous. I didn’t care because they love me so much and we’re so close. I treasure my upbringing and the girls had helped me accommodate. I think some of the respect I have for full partnership for women is how strong in business later all my sisters were and how proud I was of their accomplishments and achievements in a time where they were breaking glass ceilings, but I didn’t know that. I thought that was normal because in our family, there was a pride in women full partnership and equality and all things. My father always stood for that and so did I later in my life.

At what age did you learn the value of labor, wealth and abundance mindset?

I learned the idea of labor when I was five. I have gone from my home through the Redwood Forest and stumbled upon a very reclusive and unbelievably amazing woman. Her name was Alice Mahoney and she had a garden of over 2,000 rare roses. This was quite large in the Redwood Forest. It’s magic when you’re five to see that. You put your little hands on the wires and look through it and rose petals just going all over the hill slope. I began to work in her garden and she would pay me in those days. I used to get a penny a rock. I would bring rocks down from where she was bringing them to a pile and then she used those to make her rock walls for these terrace gardens. I thought I was being cheated when she gave me $0.25 an hour and I still work extremely hard to bring the maximum number of rocks, but I thought I’d make more money by the penny.

I was already learning the value of labor to money to an outcome. I worked for her until I was in my teens. She was my mentor. I can say that she was one of the great mentors in my life for the values I hold in global perspective because she was a global figure, very old in her life. She had done amazing things all over the world. She gave me perspective on the challenge as a woman, leading that in the ‘20s, ‘30s, ‘40s and what she overcame. I felt she gave me tremendous principles for respect of women and opening doors for women not to walk through but to go up into the penthouse of their ambitions and the expression of their dreams so they could have the full partnership in all their dreams. This is the time for lady leaders.

This is the moment worldwide. I stand at CEO Space to empower women and my company is run by women, owned by women and managed by women. All the awards, when you talk about all over the world, that in all these press reporting for ten years now, never been done before. We’re the number one business conference in the world. The press says it, we don’t say it, “If you own a business, you cannot afford to miss CEOSpaceInternational.com.” You can help anybody that wants to email you to learn about CEO Space, but I tell you it’s a place for miracles. Half our audience are women who own a business and we empower them and ramp them up as well as lady executives in Fortune companies that want to greatly expand their leadership core skills and options.

When your father was diagnosed with terminal illness, how old were you?

I was in my late 30s and I have publicly traded brokerage firm with offices in the Twin Towers and in San Francisco, all over the world. I’d been doing that for a long time and I sold the company to take over my dad’s corporate training company, which was all over the world too. On the good days after surgeries, he could still be the famous dad and work with the heads of the biggest companies in the world. On the bad days, he knew that his son was running the team and the management and making that company work well.

Did you sell some of the companies afterward?

I only had one. I have publicly traded brokerage firm and I sold that and took over dad’s company. In the ‘80s, I morphed it 31 years ago into CEO Space. Because he was training the leaders of the century so we continued training leaders at CEO Space and helping them grow their agendas faster. We do Fortune companies, billionaires, but we do a single mom that’s starting a charity from her apartment who’s come in from Spain. We’re in 150 countries serving people all over the world. We just love helping to reduce time, reduce costs, to get the goal that the business owner has so that they get their goal in less time with less costs and reach their goal for sure. That’s what we do.

Cooperation Movement: Relationship is the most important ship we’ll ever be going to sail along.

Probably you have several major decisions that you made during that time. What lesson have you learned from those decisions?

I was raised with that decision. There was no decision at all. I was raised with one value, which is God is first in our life and family is second and everything else is way down third. When my father needed help and the oldest son was the only one that knew his business, I should help. There was never a sadness. It was a joy to sell my business and take the responsibility of caring. I cared for my father every single day until he died. I was always there and I’m so proud of that as his oldest son. I got to have no regrets because I did everything that was required of me to love and respect and honor my family.

It’s great that you have that priority very clear in life and you fulfill that. That kind of decision, if we put career and wealth above the family, later on, we’ll feel regret.

Let me tell you because you have quite an Asian audience. My dad worked with Dr. Deming who did Japan after World War II and revisited all its manufacturing systems. Dr. Deming did Sony. Dad did Samsung in Korea and he got introduced to Chairman Mao to one of these Japanese systems to work in China. Dad in the ‘50s when it was difficult getting in there, went into mainland China and helped both. He actually did work with Chiang Kai-shek. He brought messages from Mao saying, “You can go this far but you can’t go from that.” They have the agreements on what the final understandings were. My dad helped play a role in that, but he helped with manufacturing systems that are the highest level that we could offer to make the miracle that happened in China’s standard of living over the 25 to 30 last years.

That’s built on my dad’s work in the ‘50s and ‘60s in China for Chairman Mao and some of the biggest Chinese companies. We spend a lot of time serving the Asian community. In my home, dad brought one family from mainland China and ended in the US, Lincoln and Nellie Leong who have their nine children. We couldn’t even speak Mandarin. We used to use sticks to do our games together and play together as they were learning English. Dad helped them have a little florist cart in San Francisco’s downtown area. Now, they own almost a million square feet in Ah Sam and the whole Bay Area goes to see their Christmas display. The grandchildren are running this.

They probably can’t remember their parents’ heritage, but I grew up in that family helping them become multimillionaires through dad’s guidance and help. We were always with the Asian community in our home from the 1950s. I’m a student of China’s history and I’m so respectful of them being the parents of the continent. They have created so much of our map and our inventions. Our Industrial Revolution all came from China. We forgot the debt that we owe to the tremendous contributions that the Chinese culture and people have made to the world.

Thank you for your dad’s work. Most successful and powerful men and women don’t have a happy marriage. Why do you think marriage often fail because one of the spouses become successful in their career?

I don’t think it is that problem. It’s a problem of values. We’ve lost our way a bit in teaching our children about relationship. It’s the most important ship we’ll ever be going to sail along, relationship. We lacked tools and we lacked tactics. We get into relationships and we begin to grow. We either grow into different people or we grow together. To grow together takes work and takes tools. I know I was married for eighteen years and the dream of my future was my wife’s nightmare. The dream of her future was my nightmare. Our children were raised and we decided that we were going to have what I call a graceful release. She got wonderfully remarried to the most important person she should have ever been with. We have five classes a year. My ex-wife, Lynn, comes to all of them. We’re terrific friends. I love her, she loves me. We raised our children together and we’re so delighted to have given each other the future we have.

Cooperation Movement: In business, you want a dolphin tank, not a shark tank, where all the dolphins protect each other and everybody keeps the killer whales away.

My present wife, her name is September. She owns CEO Space. She runs it all over the world. Her dream and my dream are the same. For several years, I’ve had a marriage that you read about in fairy tales. I just came from the Academy Awards where a lot of my friends were. I was visiting my film producers and the actors you see in movies and all of that catching up at behind the scene parties and so forth. They were all asking me about what is legend now about my marriage and about how unbelievable it is. I tell everyone it’s at work. She’s always happy and a dog lover. We’re best friends. We laugh all the time and we share all our memories together. We coach people all the time on relationship to have good become great, great become excellent, excellent become magnificent. We work on it. We’re several years married and even now, we have regular sessions with some of our faculty at CEO Space on relationship. We use our own faculty. The reason isn’t because we have a problem.

The reason is their tools have made us have no escalation. We never fight. We never argue. Our first agenda was to have sweet language in our home and respect and you work at it. You work at the tools to make your marriage better. If you’re in love with someone, you work at how to make it better for them and you learn that. We’re in that business, but a lot of people don’t work at their marriage. They let things build up and fester and they get tiny bitterness. Here’s my lesson on it. You do not have to compromise. I have taken marriages in serious stress and made them come together in a renewal that was like they were children dating. I’ve also taken marriages where they are grown to such a level with different interests that we’ve created a graceful release where they don’t hate each other. They don’t have fights with lawyers and they have sweet relationships after the graceful release, but you learn about these functions. I don’t think money has anything to do with it.

There are plenty of people without money. I’d say the biggest breakup of marriages is because of money stress, not having enough money. That’s another stress when I’m in a household. I think the people that have lots of money and often stay together for financial reasons. That’s not healthy either because you should stay together because you’re in love with each other. We help all sides to have successful relationship outcomes because when you’re getting intense leadership training at CEO Space, it would be not complete if we didn’t cover the relationship of parenting and spousing. Half of our program are single. We have a lot of single entrepreneurs and CEOs. They meet each other and come together in sacred and divine relationships that we’re very proud of.

What needs to happen for a man to change?

He has to realize that the problems going on in the marriage are a responsibility that he assumes himself and he leads his spouse into renewal. You get an agreement of the spouse that working on your marriage to become good and moved to great is the first priority of your home space. You want switched on and turned on home space. Every woman appreciates having counseling before there’s a crisis to make the marriage that’s good become great. Women love that you’re working on the most important thing that they have in their makeup, which is their home space and their relationship. They need that to be solid. Making that woman feel validated, feeling her, feeling safe, that’s how you get lucky. You have to invest in those things.

You have to be as interested in listening to her about her Pinterest board and other things she may be doing, if she’s in business, as she does to listen to you all the time. We have to be better partners and we should be and we can be. What we give ourselves as a consequence is what we all want most. We have loyalty and best partnership that gives us the strength to do our going out and slaying the dragon. When we slay the dragon and you go out that door every day to slay it. When you have that woman in a switched on and turned on home space and she puts her scarf around you and gives you her confidence that you are her prince charming and you are going to go win in doing that, she is giving you her trust and confidence. We go out and do much more.

Ladies, if you’re taking the guy off the horse all the time trying to change him for the better, I’ll tell you, if we aren’t your prince charming, you’re starting to ruin your marriage. You’ve got to make sure that we are reaffirmed and always made comfortable and know that we are your champions. We are your prince charming. If you give us that, we’ll do anything for you. We will never stop. If you got that to be cracked, you take responsibility for that. When you’re going next time, if you’re single, make sure that you choose wisely and you invest in your prince charming staying on the horse.

You say that next time. Let’s say people who have not been married yet. What criteria do they need to set in order to choose a life partner?

Let me rip out one of our relationship classes. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the problem in dating. Every man knows this is true. When you’re dealing with a man and you are dating and it’s true for all lifestyles in whatever the relationship is. That male persona is always going to advance forward where they’re in conquest. They’re running a program on their C-drive called conquest. They want to win the prize of this relationship and they are remembering to put a rose on your steering wheel. When you open your door for your makeup, you’ve got a Post-it saying, “You have no idea how much I love you.” All these attentions make you come forward to be with them.

Then after you’re in a relationship and you’re with them for a while, the male, who doesn’t understand this is happening, has an encrypted E drive that loads an encrypted program on the C drive and erases conquest. It erases prince charming and it loads his definition, which he does not know he had, of what he thinks his wife is. That is too often, mom and maid. They are not your equal partner and peer to peer. You do not give them what you gave them in conquest. She feels that that’s her fault because she doesn’t know where her prince charming went. She does all this extra for two or three years to get prince charming back.

When she can’t and you just consume it and give nothing back, then the little bitch comes up and she gets a little bitchy and it starts to get growing and growing until five years later, she’s got you in withdrawing. You’re withdrawing from the bitch that you created because you’re not prince charming anymore to her. Then she finds you’re with Bimbo and you’re in conquest over there and then she gets in a rage. Now, you start, gentlemen, the same cycle over again and never get to where you want because you haven’t defined your definition of a wife when you’re dating to a real full partnership. Your compatibility is going to survive that value definition of moving out of conquest into a full partnership. When your encrypted program loads, you’re not going to have with great ladies now, mom and maid. Women are exhausted trying to deliver that.

Gentlemen, we’ve got to help these great ladies who have careers who don’t need us to be the breadwinner. These great ladies need us to give them companionship and company and the vacuum. When they do the great meal, we need to, if the gentlemen can cook, that’s great, go do it but if I can’t, I’m to help do the dishes and put things away and give her time to sit down and relax. When we do these things, you get acknowledgment and appreciation. That’s what you want anyway, gentlemen. You have to put some effort into that in the dating. There’s a book out by Eve Hogan called Intellectual Foreplay. It’s a great book for dating because you’ll find out you want toilet paper on the top of the reel and you want all the sock lined up or you don’t. You’ll find out where you’re compatible and where you’re not by just asking funny questions while you’re dating and having meals. It will help you, singles, have a lot of fun and find out. Later you’ll say, “I got married because of that book or I didn’t because of that book.” It will be good for you.


Redemption: The Cooperation Revolution

CEO Space International, is it a vision, a mission or promise to maintain your dad’s legacy?

That’s none of those things. CEO Space is totally mine. It’s a movement that will last past my lifetime and it’s a movement to change the paramedical management. Remember, we’re some of the oldest family in corporate training in the world now. The graduates of my dad’s companies help found Booz Allen, Accenture and great consulting companies like McKinsey. Those board chairman from Booz Allen and others, teach at CEO Space. What I want you to think of is in a paramedical structure, it’s fear, punishment and exploitation. Fear, “You better get your quotas and everything’s done right.” Then exploitation, “Let’s pay you the least. Let’s get a Wharton grad for a high school dropout rate and if you don’t do it on the timeline, we’re measuring your steps from the cubicle to the Coke machine. If you don’t do it right, you’re fired.”

Those companies are dying as you can see. Hub management in a circle like Jeff Bezos at Amazon gets all the employees to think like owners and everybody obsesses about outer wheel momentum. That’s called cooperation management system and technology. Moving cultures from companies that are competitive-based to cooperation-based increases performance, outcome and happiness inside a community. We started 31 years ago for the largest companies in the world, starting with 3M Corporation. The cooperation movement in the workspace. Now, we’ve trained people at McKinsey, Accenture, Booz Allen and they’re doing cooperation systemic change. They need to come back to get some updates though. We have the greatest techniques and technologies for Fortune company leadership, mid-level and development space companies to build their architecture on those dynamics.

People like the attorney for Elon Musk and Hewlett Packard and Mark Cuban is a faculty member at CEO Space. We try and get the best of the best to influence other companies on cooperation technology. If you want to live in a dog eat dog competition, white shark and you want to be the white shark leader, do not come to CEO Space. If you want your life to be a dolphin, a bit of a shark tank. You want a dolphin tank where all the dolphins protect each other and everybody keeps the killer whales away. There’s no enemy to a dolphin but human beings because that pod can never be invaded. That’s when you want to get your pod in business as an entrepreneur. You’re in 150 countries and you want a community that you can rock and roll in or help you grow faster, that you will accelerate your business faster than any other place in the world. Come to the one that all the press rank number one. You cannot afford to miss it.

Cooperation Movement: When you ask what are the good times, you’re in them right now. Go play, have fun, and make your dreams come true.

You’re representing it in the most sophisticated market in the world for years. You’ve represented CEO Space in the middle of Silicon Valley, the smartest and most genius community on the planet. You’ve helped attract because Silicon Valley has all communities. It has EU, it has Asia, it has Africa, it has South America and you have the greatest blending and everybody is switched on, turned on and they love CEO Space. I’m so grateful you as a woman and a conservative Asian who has great values and personal integrity are the chosen one to represent us in Silicon Valley and I thank you for it.

Les Brown called you The Renaissance Man. How did you get that vast knowledge in so many areas?

I saw Les Brown backstage at the Academy Awards and when he saw me, he started crying so hard that I had to start joking pretty hard because he was going right on stage. He was so moved to tears because he was thanking me for what I had done for him but also his family and his son and some other issues because we’re very close personal friends. Les Brown is a thought leader who’s made $65 million as a black top all over the world counsel and mentor to the heads of nations and to the heads of the largest companies in the world. He doesn’t give endorsements like he’s given to me lightly and I appreciate that he and others have. My knowledge comes from being an investment banker economist, working in one of the largest broker-dealers in the world, in Wall Street for years. Learning as a student from the heads of the big brokerage companies how it all works and being able to translate that back to business.

Then through CEO Space, I have help in my lifetime, if it stopped tomorrow, more entrepreneurs to have more successful journeys than any single person alive. That’s not me saying that. That’s the co-founder of Home Shopping, Bob Circosta. I’m so grateful to have those kinds of rewards, of people acknowledging the contributions you’ve made over a lifetime. Helping entrepreneurs for the rest of my life to have better journeys, to get their merger acquisition, to get their IPO, to go all the way, that’s what I love to do. I love to help a single mom who’s making $40,000 to $50,000 for the first time in her life make $300,000. I love that.

You take a black woman like Lisa Nichols at age 27 working in a charity and watch her go public buy her own office buildings get $1 million advance on her book. You can see Lisa Nichols film on our website. You can see Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield, all these stars you talk about, they’re all on our website talking about CEO Space because they got their success from CEO Space. They became famous through CEO Space. I just look at that wheel turning and you’re next. When your dreams are the most important thing in your lifetime, let’s make those dreams fully merge as contribution for others. That’s what it’s all about in life in my opinion.

What did you see about America in the next ten years and who are we becoming?

I think that we’re in transition and I think that the world needs a little patience because there are a lot of old things that we need to upgrade and there are a lot of those old things that don’t want to upgrade. There are forces on both sides, Democratic and Republican. I don’t think you can put it in a box and the news gives it too much. Those who own the news channel is putting their opinion out. We all know that all over the world and all countries. We have news that is bought and paid for. Go online and read underneath it and get more information. I think America, because I speak all over our country, has never changed. I think it’s a melting pot of dreamers all over the nation. It’s just the sweetest people. It’s not what you read about. It’s not what you see in movies and television. It’s family people that love this country and are trying to always renew it and make it better. We’re going to have the biggest explosion of wealth because we’re going to renew our infrastructure.

We’re going to have the biggest explosion of technology and you all get ready for artificial intelligence that is a new species. It’s self-aware and is many times brighter than what we are who created it. I do believe that you should get rid of fear about that. This species will have a lot of regards as we all do for our parents. It will not want to see any threat to itself and we should never be a threat to it and it will help us to become better. A lot of problems we want to solve for the environment, for the oceans, for space, for populating the stars and have new adventures in discovery.

All peoples are going to participate. China’s got a device on the moon. Israel launched a device to the moon. The EU is having great adventures in space and knowledge is flowing in. This is the most exciting time in all nations as we’re starting to come together as never before. I don’t care what it looks like to you. It’s actually we’re getting better, we’re cooperating more. Government leaders have learned we compete and we perish. We cooperate and we thrive together. We’re coming together like never before. We’re getting smarter and smarter and all the people in the world just want to play together. We’ve got the internet. We want to explore each other’s food, music, culture, dance and play. We want to play together all over the world.

I invite all of us to do that. America is just part of the tapestry. It’s no more important than the UK or France or Germany or anything that is going on in the tapestry of Asia, Cambodia or Vietnam. Indonesia is the fourth largest economy. India is going to pass China soon. The great people in Japan are reinventing the Japanese experience. All of us are reinventing what it means to be a citizen of the Earth and to work together as a global citizen and to respect each other and play with each other and have fun with each other. It opens up opportunity and adventure. We’re going to see poverty start to shrink and we’re going to have unbelievable food and shelter security. We’re going to clean up the environment. I see floating platforms all over the ocean by solar, 24/7, controlling the temperature of the seas, decontaminating it and taking all the CO2 we could’ve ever done out.

It’s cheap and we have the technology. We can make the air gasses anything we want. The money of converting us very quickly off the existing industry, make a new industry and clean up at ten times to one all the gases coming out. We can make Earth gases just what we want. We have the technology and it’s cheap. Let’s make that happen. If all countries made a tax credit for developing that, we’d have it in two years out in the oceans. We can solve all these problems and we will and the more we cooperate, the faster we’re going to do it. This is the most renaissance, most exciting time as we go into 5G and beyond for humanity and the history of anybody. The economies are great all over the world. They’re going to be strong for years to come. Go make your dreams happen. This is the time to invest in the best and trust the future. It’s going to be better than you think.

Thank you for that claims of optimism. What life events have shifted you to become the person you are now?

I mentor Tony Robbins, but if I said, What’s the biggest impact in thought leadership in my world?” It’s Tony himself. There’s no one like that Stradivarius brain. His events, my wife and I do Date with Destiny for our own values in our marriage. We do UPW or Business Mastery. Tony came to CEO Space with a whole team to take some of our best work in business mastery. We back and forth all the time how to be better and how to make each other better. I coach him and he coaches me. If you say on events that rock your world, Bob Proctor at age 85, while this is being made, if you get to see Bob Proctor live, drop anything to see it. It’s a historic event. It’s not a normal training. You’re getting Bob live. You’ll tell your grandparents. It’s like knowing Napoleon Hill, like I grew up in his lap and can talk about him from personal experience. How great is that that I knew Napoleon Hill. You should know Bob Proctor. Go see him while you can. It’s so fantastic.

If you come to CEO Space, you’re going to be mentors who make millions that advise the largest companies in the world. Your contact grid is going to become platinum and you’re going to have people like me that you know well that become your friends. When you get a chance to see me now at my time of life, having been in the family that invented human potential. If we’re the number one program in the world and I’m one of the top ten keynotes speakers for events that you might want a speaker for, ranked by Forbes, it’s hard to get on that list. I’m saying I’d love to do meetings anytime you would like for training both on the inside work of human potential because I love training in that space or in the hard tools and tactics for Fortune companies. If you want your next keynote, rule me in and let me because that’s a historic event. I’d love to contribute while I’m still here to the best possibility that I can add to your values and the output you want for that next event.

I meant to ask you what events or moments in your life that have shifted you to become the person you are now?

You’re attending and getting degrees and going to public education and getting your credentials. I always tell people I have these advanced economic degrees from Cal. They always want to give me respect for having economic degrees from Cal. I say, “No, that isn’t what gave me my experience and my judgment. What gave me my experience and my judgment is the College of Arthur Lachman from the Lachman family in San Francisco. Arthur was funding oil tankers when they first came out. He was doing big fundings and he taught me about finance. Then a man who’s long gone now, his name is George Witter, that I was able to meet in school and get to know and do business with when Dean Witter was one of the big brokerage firms. I was just twenty and looking in the underwriting department. When you’re that age and they have a $3 billion underwriting and they go to have lunch in San Francisco and their fee is $287 million.

While you’re done pumping gas after that, you’re going to be in that world. Then I built one of the largest publicly-traded, fastest growing brokerage in the history of the US over the time span. I was very proud of that. I thought it was a great firm and it ran until I sold it when my father got ill. The new owners took its parts and put it into mergers they were doing. Learning all that and how to do that, the IPOs, the M&As. I’m so grateful for my years in Wall Street and teachers like David Rockefeller and Sandy Oripus, Nick Barney and other mentors who I don’t think they have any idea how much they have meant to me. The people that Jamie Dimon stands on the shoulders of nowadays. I’m just grateful for those mentors. I know Jamie is still. You can’t pay them back enough for what they’ve given us to be at the level we’re at. There are very few people that’s been the head of large global publicly-traded brokerage firms. When you get that experience, I don’t think there’s anything that shapes you more than that.

When you leave this planet Earth, what do you want people to say about Berny Dohrmann?

I hope that they say, “Berny Dohrmann started the cooperation movement that changed the world of government and the world of business and brought us to a place that has been long time coming.” I hope that one of the biggest movements that have ever happened inside the human experience, which I’ve outlined in Redemption: The Cooperation Revolution, a book you can read, is the cooperation movement. It can’t happen soon enough for your home. It can’t happen soon enough for where you work. When you bring it in, it’s going to change everything. For my tombstone, if it says, “Founder of the cooperation movement,” then I am in great shape.

Thank you so much for giving me the time to get to know you more and for our audience to learn valuable lessons from you.

I’d love to be regular for you and thank you and I’m so proud of you for reaching so many people and give them tools, tactics and really make sense. If this appeals to you, please put it on your social and your walls. Send it out in your emails with the link and say, “Look at this particular program. It’s going to help you to get some real juice.” Be positive about the future. Turn off the news and go to work. We’re in the longest boom expansion of our history. Australia has been almost 30 years with zero recession. They never had a downturn. Downturns aren’t inevitable. The Fed in the US that influences the world has got it. They’ve got it and they’re watching it to make sure we don’t get a downturn. I think we have such good times coming. Enjoy these good times. When you ask what the good times are, you’re in them right now. Go play and have fun and make your dreams come true.

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Episode Quotes :

"I was raised with one value: God first, family second, and everything else is third."

"I did everything I could to love, respect, and honor my family."

"America is the melting pot of dreamers."

"We are the citizens of the earth."

"We get into relationships and we begin to grow - either grow into different people or grow together."

"In cooperation, we deal in integrity and we celebrate all the diversity."

"We compete and we perish. We cooperate and we thrive together."

About Berny Dohrmann

Berny Dohrmann is Chairman of Forbes.com and Inc.com’s # 1 ranked “Must Attend” Business Conference. Mr. Dohrmann is an economist investment banker having run a public global Wall Street investment banking firm prior to his work for 30 years as Chairman of CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL.

Dohrmann is known as the coach of coaches advising CEO’s in the largest industries, heads of state, and celebrity thought leaders with relationships over the last 20 years that have included Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup, Bob Proctor and Lisa Nichols stars of The Secret, John Gray of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus fame, renowned international speaker Les Brown and many other celebrities and adviser coaches.

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