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You Should Not Feel Lost and Frustrated 

  • You have tried many things with little or no progress
  • You don’t know how to respond gracefully to certain people with different personalities
  • You couldn’t create life balance with family, work, and your well-being
  • You are not sure what holds you back from achieving more
  • The terms “peace, joy, and happiness” seem unrealistic
  • You want to be a good parent, and a good leader for your family and teams but have no good role model
  • You don’t have clear priorities and life purpose
  • You don’t know how to create boundaries with others
  • You are not sure who you are anymore

Coaching Deliverables 

  • Have a clear sense of who you are and what your life purpose is about
  • Create clear boundaries and priorities in your life
  • Become more effective because your actions are in alignment with your values
  • Be happier and more content with life
  • Become more confident in speaking up, standing up, and showing up as a leader
  • Recognize the wisdom and gifts from every adversity in life

How Will You Benefit from Private Coaching?

"Before coaching with Kimchi, I felt stuck and disrespected by a new supervisor. I was not looking forward to going to work every day. After a session with Kimchi, I was empowered to clean up the mess with my supervisor the next day. The result was nothing short of freedom, ease, and new-found mutual respect with my supervisor. It was an amazing 15 minutes that became a powerful turning point in our alliance in making things work with this new supervisor. Now, I feel comfortable to handle any difficult situation at work and at home. I felt powerful, and free to express who I am. I recommend everyone, especially Asian women, to get in touch with Kimchi and get her coaching. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s effective. The world you never thought possible is now full of possibilities. "

Susan Duong
Nurse Manager, California, USA

"Before coaching with Kimchi, I felt stuck but didn’t have the drive to move forward. I felt like something is missing but didn’t know what that is. Kimchi is patient; she stays on the same issue and continues asking questions until I have that AHA moment or find the actions that need to be taken to get unstuck. I recommend people to ask for help and get help when you feel stuck; it’s the best way to get you out where you don’t want to be but need be, so that you can live the life you dream of. "

Minnie Nguy
Project Manager, California, USA

"I have known Kimchi for about one year from my business network. She then became my business consultant & coach to help me achieve the next level in my business. We meet at least once/week and spend about a couple of hours one on one each time. Within a few sessions, I discovered that Kimchi is an extraordinary business coach. Not only Kimchi can pinpoint the key areas of the problems in my business, but she can also provide insights and step-by-step solutions quickly. As a consultant, she is actively & personally involved in helping me execute & implement strategies. As a coach, she helps me see other parts of my life that I need to care for so that I can be whole, free, happy, and energetic to fulfill my dream and make an impact in the world. Working with Kimchi has positively impacted my business and my personal life. Kimchi is a passionate and professional coach with massive knowledge and resources for small businesses to turn around and grow quickly. She is accessible and caring for her clients. She wants to make sure that her clients get what they need to move forward, no matter day or night, or even weekend. She is someone whom you can trust and count on. I highly recommend Kimchi for your business and personal coaching because of who she is. She has good intentions and the ability to shift your business to a higher level; her knowledge and experience for business success and her industrious work ethic are hard to find. "

Dr. Quli Zhou
Acupuncturist & Chinese medicine doctor, California, USA

"Before I worked with Kimchi: I had a dream of owning a flower shop, but I could not pursue it for several reasons: 1) I did not have support from my husband even though financially we can afford to buy it, 2) I was not sure if I can handle the business because it requires someone with a flower design certification, 3) I was afraid that the business would conflict with my family lifestyle that I might not get used to. Because of these reasons, I did not pursue this dream for a couple of years.  And as a result, I felt lost and sad inside.  I noticed that I had lost my confidence, and motivation to live my life. After I worked with Kimchi: I signed up for Kimchi’s three months program.  Right after the 1st session, Kimchi encouraged me to take action, to have a conversation with the flower shop owner, to start talking about the cost of owning that flower shop and start thinking about my future plan on how to get the flower shop running as if I already owned it. Each week, she gave me assignments to get me moving toward my goals. With specific assignments each week, I felt energized and on purpose to carry on for the entire week.  I noticed my confidence increased and I have more motivation to carry through the whole week.  I felt happier, and my husband told me that he loves me more often than before. Kimchi not only coached me on business and marketing for my flower arrangement business; she also coached me on communication and boundaries with my family members, relatives, and friends. She taught me the 5 Love Languages and the B.A.N.K. Personalities.  She understands the role of a wife and a mother in an Asian family, and she used her own experience as an example for me to think about the best solution for my issue. Kimchi is caring and very supportive.  I wished I would start coaching with her sooner.  I’m proud to say Kimchi is my friend and my coach. "

Thu Nguyen
Flower Designer, California

"I did a Google search for professional coaching for Asian women and came across Kimchi's website. What caught my attention in her bio was how much I related to the challenges she had faced both professionally and personally (this feeling of having to live up to certain expectations). I felt I was living my life for others and not for myself, which left me exhausted and unfulfilled. The biggest change I've experienced since working with Kimchi is learning to recognize when I'm doing something because I want to or because of how I think I will be perceived. Also, I've learned more effective communication styles that have profoundly helped me both professionally and personally. For example, learning to impact change and inspire my employees. There was no hesitation to hire Kimchi since I instantly felt connected to her and felt understood. This has been the best investment I've made in myself. The feeling of living life in the moment and having no regrets is worth its weight in gold! "

Amy Tran-Balbin
Amy Tran-Balbin

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